Don’t Forget About the Music: What’s Appropriate for Your Event

The success of any event is a good combination of skillful planning and dedication to all aspects of the event. After tackling the important details like location and catering, don’t forget about creating a smooth flow for the event itself. One of the ways to instantly create a cozy ambience is the type of music you play. Awkward silence will only make your guests uncomfortable, and that’s definitely not what you want! We’ve compiled a list of tips on appropriate music to use, and how to go about using the music for your event:

1. Identify Your Event Type 

Before deciding on the music to use, identify the type of your event. Is it corporate or social? Identifying the tone of your event will help you decide the appropriate music to use. If it’s serious conference you’re planning, then perhaps the new Miley album is out of the picture.

2. Event Music: Background or Centerpiece?

Once you’ve identified the vibe of your event, it’s time to decide if the music should make a statement or stay in the background. If it’s a slightly formal social event, like a fundraiser or a wedding, opt for live music to complement your event. There’s nothing like live music, as it can lift the energy of the crowd, and provide a unique experience. If you’re planning for something exclusive, go with The Dolce Ensemble. One of the premier wedding string quartet in NY and NJ, their passion and experience will guarantee a gorgeous performance every time. If you’d like a dramatic Bollywood feel or classical and rock arrangements, they can also cater to you, under the name Bollywood String Ensemble of NY.

Photo: Misha Vladimirskiy/Butchershop Creative

Photo: Misha Vladimirskiy/Butchershop Creative

If music isn’t an important aspect of your event, go with a DJ with pre-selections of appropriate music to play during your event. This is perfect for events with the option of opening a dance floor at the end of the evening. Hiring a DJ is also a budget friendly move, but no less fun and entertaining!

3. Create (The Right) Playlist 

Photo: Hotel Costes

Photo: Hotel Costes

If hiring live music or DJs isn’t in your cards, then create the perfect playlist to play during the event! Try not to use the new hits on the radio, or anything to distract your guests from your event message. You won’t go wrong with jazz or lounge. It’s pleasant to the ears, and instantly elevates the sophistication level, no matter the type of your event.  Try the Café del Mar or Hôtel Costes compilations, for a sleek and modern vibe. You can also check out our Songza playlist we’ve curated, with the perfect songs for event use!

4. Be Your Own DJ

For those who’d like to mix their own playlists and play DJ for social gatherings, get some help from Party Mixer! This Android app allows you to play two songs simultaneously and cross fade between each song, just like a proper DJ would! All you need is to drag your music to the app’s song list, and you’re ready to go.You can even go on AutoDJ, so you can go mingle while your app does the work for you. For Apple devices, get your alternative here.

5. Don’t Forget About Music Licensing 

Using your personal music library for your event isn’t the same as playing it in your bedroom. There are federal laws to be aware of, when using copyrighted music at public events. We urge you not to take this lightly, as you may be fined up to $30,000 per song! If you are planning to use recorded music at your event, contact one of the music license organizations like ASCAP and BMI and pay a small fee. Trust us, it’s worth going the extra mile for this one, unless you’re willing to use royalty free music, which may not be appealing enough. Click here for more information on registering for music licensing. Better safe than sorry!

Do you have the perfect event playlist to share? Sound off in the comment box, below!

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