Vendor Highlight: Lenny’s Catering

Lenny's Smoked Chicken Sandwich

It’s inevitable. A whiff of pastrami in the air will have you begging for a seriously good sandwich to fill your appetite. Whenever and wherever you’re hit by this sandwich craving, you can definitely count on Lenny’s Catering to deliver. We mean that literally, too!

It all began with Lenny Chu, who started working at a small sandwich shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It was his determination to reach for the extraordinary that propelled Lenny and his brother, Brian to buy the store after six months to transform it into Lenny’s Gourmet at 84th Street & Columbus Avenue.  It didn’t take too long before Lenny’s quickly became known for its fresh, made-to-order specialty sandwiches and gracious service.

lennys-catering6This is the heart of Lenny’s sandwiches. It isn’t just the ultimate sandwich to bite into, it’s the ultimate experience. You won’t find anything pre-sliced or pre-packaged at Lenny’s!

Olivia Byun, Catering Manager of Lenny’s Catering explains this experience, telling us, “Our focus is on sandwiches; what we believe to be the best sandwiches of Manhattan.” What makes Lenny’s the best? Olivia’s answer is simple? “The concept of a customer being able to watch his sandwich prepared, combining the fresh appeal of an old-fashioned Italian deli when your meats are sliced to order, with the modern precision of a sushi bar, as they assemble the final product right in front of your eyes.”

Lenny's #2 Italian Sandwich

Lenny’s #2 Italian Sandwich

It is this commitment to exceed the expectations of their customers that make Lenny’s sandwiches so special. They aren’t just sandwich makers, they are sandwich artists who take pride in their methodology. Couple this with high quality ingredients and fair prices, this philosophy explains why Lenny’s customers always crave their sandwiches.

Lenny's Combo Sandwich

#1 Lenny’s Sandwich

Believe us, you will crave Lenny’s sandwiches.Take one of their all time favorites, #1 Lenny’s. It’s the juicy combination of hot pastrami and corned beef with Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing. We challenge you to read that out loud and not salivate!

Lenny's #11 Vegetarian Sandwich

Lenny’s #11 Vegetarian Sandwich

Lenny’s extended family of customers come from all walks of life, so no one gets left behind. For those who prefer a meatless serving, they’ve got the #11 Vegetarian. It’s one gorgeous vegetable on top of the other, with avacado, green leaf lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, alfafa sprouts, shredded red cabbage and sweet peppers on 7-grain whole wheat with honey mustard. Even if you weren’t big on greens growing up, this sandwich might just change your opinion!

The ultimate Lenny’s experience doesn’t stop at their servings. They also provide services for your corporate events, holiday parties and even your weddings! “We are here to make the work much easier by providing fast and efficient service. This allows the Lenny’s team to communicate with our customers and build lasting relationships,” Olivia assures us.

As catering experts, you can count on Lenny’s to provide the winning ingredient for a successful event. One of the most unique events they enjoy assisting is the Corporate Holiday Post Party Events, such as the “The Morning After” or “Hangover Parties”.


“Food is delivered, early in the morning as the employees begin walking in. Most of the time, our clients look drained and have sunglasses on in the middle of December. Clearly, evidence of a great time with their peers! Once they see the egg sandwiches, other food items, mountains of bottled water and Gatorade – their eyes light up. It’s priceless, it’s every caterer’s dream,” Olivia shares.

Lenny’s Catering focus won’t stray from their sandwiches, but Olivia reminds us they offer other scrumptious foods as well. Personally, we’re obsessed at the thought of Lenny’s Sweet Tooth Platter! Olivia lets us in on the secrets behind the sinful platter, which is the genius union of “… Rice Krispy treats and rainbow cookies!” 

It’s no wonder their customers come back, because Lenny’s feel like home. There’s no fuss or pretension in the family, it’s all about passionate people with a deep love and respect for sandwiches. Don’t believe us? Do as Olivia suggests and “… Dive in, make sure you have both hands on your sandwich half – indulge and get yo’ craving on!”

Head on over and get your order on with us at Fiestah because Lenny’s is here to stay, and here to serve you!

Photos courtesy of Lenny’s Catering

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