St. Patrick’s Day: Get Your St. Paddy’s Day On!

Photo via: Spoonful

Photo via: Spoonful

St. Paddy’s Day is near! Every year on March 17, the world honors Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. What may have started as a religious feast day has since become a celebration of all things Irish. Just think of grand parades, dancing, traditional Irish food, lots of drink and a whole lot of green!

While most of us take delight with another excuse to party, not all of us know exactly why we’re celebrating. Believe it or not, St. Patrick was born in Britain! At 14 years old, he was captured and taken to Ireland. For six years, St. Patrick was kept in slavery and made to herd sheep. Years after he was freed, St. Patrick returned to Ireland as part of a missionary of Celtic pagans. Skeptics have dismissed this, but St. Patrick was believed to have attained his sainthood by driving serpents out of Ireland.

Get your St. Paddy’s Day on, and get with a few fun ways we’ve devised to celebrate all things Irish!

Remember to Wear Green

Believe it or not, green was traditionally known as an unlucky color in Ireland. The original hue associated with St. Patrick was blue before it was green! According to legend, the shamrock (or young sprigs of clover) was used by St. Patrick as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity. Eventually, people in Ireland started associating the leaf color with the celebration. We love the color, but mostly we don’t want you to be pinched because you forgot the color to wear!

Go Watch Once on Broadway 

Photo via: Time Out NY

Photo via: Time Out NY

We know, it’s cheesy and obvious. Watching a hit musical set in Dublin, on St. Paddy’s Day? Hear us out! If you haven’t watch the devastating indie flick, you’ll need to experience the gut-wrenching songs live. Need more proof it’s worth watching? Once won the 2012 Tony Award for Best New Musical. Believe us, once isn’t enough!

Did Somebody Say ‘Happy Hour?

Picture via: Zastavki

Picture via: Zastavki

No St. Paddy’s Day celebration is complete without stout! Put your trust in the symbol of Irish pride, the black beer that is Guinness. Not Irish? No problem! With Guinness, everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. If this isn’t your thing, there’s always Irish Coffee.

Remember to toast your mates with a popular Irish saying: “May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends beneath it never fall out.” Now drink up!

What’s a Drink without Food? 

Photo via: Citrus and Candy

Photo via: Citrus and Candy

You can bet the Irish serve the perfect pub grub. You won’t go wrong with Irish bangers and mash, beef stew and dumplings or even a Full Irish Breakfast!

Here at Fiestah, we’re not shy about our food. We love our weekly lunches at AlleyNYC, only the most badass community on the planet (and the entrepreneurial hub that is our coworking space!). We’re so excited about this Friday’s St. Paddy’s Day themed lunch, with Irish fare such as corned beef and cabbages, and even full pans of vegetarian shepherd’s pie! Work and play on Fridays for only $40, where breakfast, lunch and bourbon happy hour will be sorted. Come say hi!

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