The Miracle Berry: It’s Time for a Flavor Trip!

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Imagine the possibility of tricking your tongue to temporarily alter the way you perceive taste. We’re here to tell you, this flavor tripping experience is real!

This centuries old concept of flavor tripping gained traction with this New York Times article on the Miracle Fruit (or Miracle Berry). For those still unfamiliar with the Miracle Fruit, it’s a berry of West African origins. When consumed, a molecule in the Miracle Fruit binds to your taste buds and make sour and acidic foods taste sweet. Before you get suspicious, let us assure you. This is perfectly safe and legal! It’s not a dangerous activity, and could actually be good for your health. Just ask folks in Japan, they’ve been using the Miracle Fruit to lose weight!

There are two options to choose from: purchase the fruit itself, or buy tablets. The fruits can cost up to a few dollars per berry, which you can purchase for overnight delivery here. You will need these berries to be fresh for the full effect! For those on a budget, go with tablets instead. (Psst: Purchase them here!)

Flavor Tripping: How It’s Done 

Whether you’re consuming the fruit or the tablet, there is a science to the way you do it! The trick is to coat your taste buds. If you’re going with the berry, remove the seed from your mouth and eat the remains of the fruit. The longer the berry swirls in your mouth, the better the effect will be! The same goes with the tablets. You can start with half a tablet. Let it dissolve on your tongue, and you’re ready to go!

The Best Foods to Serve 

You don’t have to go the extra mile with fancy dishes, you’ll only need fruits that will do the job. It’s all about the sour and bitter foods! This is also the perfect time to experiment if a bacon and strawberry combo will do the trick. (Then again, do we really need the miracle berry to convince us about Bacon Power? We didn’t think so!) 

If you’re willing, start by tasting some of the foods before the berries. This way you’ll really know the difference! We recommend starting with the lighter stuff, then gradually going up the sour scale. Go with blue cheese, or goat cheese that many swear taste like frosting! You can even try chocolate and coffee, who knows? It might taste even better than normal!

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Move on with liquids, next. Go with what you have in the pantry. We’re talking tabasco sauce, jalapeño sauce to apple cider vinegar (careful it doesn’t go up your nose!) and even a bit of Guinness for a taste of sweet juice!

Then, move on to cranberries, limes and lemons for sugary sweetness. Don’t forget about oranges and grapefruit! Trust us, the taste will be stellar. To bring your childhood back, don’t forget about strips of sour candy. Take that, scrounged up faces!

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If you’re in the mood for something special, how about a strawberry rhubarb pie? The contrast of tartness and sweet will make the ultimate flavor tripping dish to serve!

One last tip: Don’t forget to go slow. It may be sugary goodness, but it’s still quite acidic. We wouldn’t want a tummy ache disaster!

Take a Flavor Trip with Us! 

Now you’re ready for a flavor tripping session! Why don’t you save yourself the trouble of planning a party and come hang us, Eventurously and Fiestah, instead? Give your taste buds a trip of a lifetime, because we’re about to throw the biggest flavor tripping party this city’s ever seen!

Come join us on Wednesday, March 26th at Village Pourhouse from 6:00PM to 9:00PM (EDT). You can flavor trip (with 2 miracle berries included with your ticket!) or come watch your friends truly discover the magic of lemons. We’re serious about breaking the world record too, so come through and make it happen!

Did we mention the first beer is on us? Buy your tickets here, and get your flavor tripping on with us!

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