It’s #HAPPYDAY: Reclaim Your Happiness!

It’s time to reclaim our happiness, by celebrating the International Day of Happiness!

Originally established in 2012 by the United Nations General Assembly, the day aims to remind all of us that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal, a right that belongs to all of us regardless of our color, religion and sexual orientation.

Now, this day isn’t just any day to celebrate all the things that bring you joy, but also recognizes the importance of promoting sustainable development, eradicating poverty and the well-being of all peoples. We’ve got a few great ways to celebrate today, and do your part for humanity too!

#HAPPYDAY Videos and #HappinessDay Picture Uploads

There’s no way any of us escaped Pharrell’s seriously addictive ‘Happy’. Even though it’s been played to death, the infectious hook will definitely make you want to move. It’s definitely a song you wouldn’t want to listen to on a busy street!

It’s no wonder the UN has collaborated with the super producer this year to promote this special day. At 12pm every time zone today, Pharrell and his team will choose the best video submission using the ‘Happy’ cut to be featured on 24 Hours of Happiness. What is the assignment? Demonstrate your version of happiness! You might still have time, so get moving! Need inspiration? Prepare to melt with this rendition from the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences! 

If you don’t fancy starring in a potentially viral video, then showcase your idea of happiness with Day of Happiness! All you need to do is to upload a picture of what makes you happy, with the hashtag #HappinessDay. The goal is to share the happiness, and remind others around us what truly matters!

Put Down Your Phone! 

Picture via: VenusBuzz

Picture via: VenusBuzz

Happiness isn’t just something we achieve for ourselves. It’s about affecting the people around us as well. It’s no surprise most of us are glued to our phones, and we probably have excuses to check our phones all the time. It’s become an acceptable habit, even though we know it’s totally rude.

This prompted UNICEF to introduce a genius campaign with the UNICEF Tap Project 2014. Want to do your part in donating clean water and sanitation to children all over the world? No payment involved, just an exchange of your time on your phone.

It’s simple. Launch your phone’s browser, open the UNICEF Tap Project website and leave it open. For every 10 minutes you go without making contact with your phone, generous donors will fund one day of clean water for a child in need. The longer you can part with your phone, the more lives you’re helping to save.

We’re really stoked about this project, as it fits so perfectly with the International Day of Happiness celebration today! You get to save lives, detoxify from your phone and have time to truly reflect on your own life. We’re all so busy chasing what’s out there that we sometimes forget to appreciate what we have!

Don’t Stress, Eat Pancakes! 

Photo via: How Sweet It Is

Photo via: How Sweet It Is

The daily grind can bring us to our knees, until we’re too focused to really enjoy ourselves. Stop the calorie counting for today, and eat whatever you please! Life is too short to regret what you do or do not indulge in. We believe there’s nothing in this world that can spell satisfaction in a bite like cake batter pancakes, with colorful sprinkles and a deadly sinful glaze. You can thank us later!

So kick off your shoes, put your gadgets down and actually look into someone’s eyes when you greet them. Buy cookies for your neighbors. Tell someone they are worthy. Call your mother and remind her how much you love her cooking. Make today just the beginning of lifelong moments of happiness!

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