Vendor Highlight: PeiCheck Productions

NYC, September 2013.  Self portrait of PeiCheck Productions' Creative Administrator.

NYC, September 2013. Self portrait, Creative Administrator of PeiCheck Productions

It’s really not that difficult to be a photographer these days. After all, we have easy access to fancy cameras, or our trusty iPhones to color our Instagram accounts! Anyone can point and shoot, and think they have what it takes to be a photographer. What we don’t understand is the art behind it, that must stem from deep love and passion for photography.

This desire brought a group of four individuals together to form PeiCheck Productions Photography & Visual Arts. The team of highly skilled photographers includes Edward Pei (Co-Founder, Program Director), Ian Pei (Co-Founder, Visual Director), Hans Alcindor (Public Relations Liason), and Robert Scarlata (Creative Administrator).

For the PeiCheck Productions team, pointing the camera to shoot isn’t the end goal, or a paycheck. For Edward Pei, it’s the hunger to showcase the person, and to tell the individual’s story through their lenses. He believes this is something many photographers and artists lose sight of. “The point is photography, and the moments in time it captures,” says Edward.

Park Portraits, Hempstead, NY, Nov 2013.

Park portraits. Hempstead, NY, November 2013.

This concept is, without a doubt, ingrained in the heart of each team member. Though simple, PeiCheck’s photography philosophy doesn’t lose sight of this. Edward explains what drives the meaning of their work, “We See You.. So Should Everyone Else. Everybody has a unique beauty. Every picture we take is different, showcases a different moment in time, which cannot be replaced. No picture in our mind is the same.”

The urgency of capturing Life’s fleeting moments is crystal clear to PeiCheck Productions. It isn’t just about the shoot, but the relationships we forge when we reveal ourselves to the camera lens. “We’re all family first, friends second, photographers and clients last. That’s one of the principles we follow. With that said, every project we do poses a new opportunity for friendship and long lasting memories,” says Edward.

 Wedding Shoot,  NYC, Dec 2013.  Full day shoot for Army Specialist and wife

Full day wedding shoot of Army Specialist and his wife. NYC, December 2013.

This is how PeiCheck Productions stand apart from the rest. It isn’t just a job. Every single assignment means the world to them, and nothing unsatisfactory will be released. “We care about our client’s satisfaction and memories. We understand the deepest feelings they get when they see themselves.”

Edward also prides on the entire team’s commitment to an assignment. “Each member specializes in a different genre of photography, and by combining a team of photography specialists, we are able to provide our clients the best customizable experience.”

Riverside Portraits, NYC, August 2013.

Riverside portraits. NYC, August 2013.

It’s the care and respect for the people they work with that prompts Edward’s advice. “Don’t just look at the picture, but what is behind the picture. Seek the photographer that is passionate about their work, because they’re the ones that spend countless hours perfecting their craft.  Also, learn their values and morals.  Photographers don’t just capture a picture. True photographers are story tellers.  And the story is what makes the picture meaningful. Find the photographer that bests suits you, because it is a completely personal and unique experience.”

Edward’s assertion on distinctive photography experiences raises the question, is it possible to produce a perfect shot? He mulls over this, before replying. “It differs with everyone. What might be the perfect shot for you, might not be for the next person. Something that is not posed, and relays the true emotion of the person. That.. is the perfect shot.”

Engagement Shoot, Greenpoint Brooklyn, August 2013. The couple is set to wed in April 2014.

Engagement Shoot, Greenpoint Brooklyn, August 2013. The couple is set to wed in April 2014.

The perfect shot for PeiCheck Productions doesn’t lie in its accuracy. Edward agrees, saying “It should always be about the picture. One of our goals is to return the value of photography to the public’s eye.”

Of course, technicality must play a factor too as many don’t seem to grasp the significance of skill, beyond clicking a button. “In actuality, we are thinking about all the technical issues such as composure and lighting while taking the picture.  This doesn’t include all the post-editing attention and care which we devote to our work. Photography is a skill which needs to be practice and is precious,” Edward maintains.

It’s the depth in which they view their craft that makes PeiCheck Productions so inspiring. Even when asked about flippant photography trends, Edward is gracious and humble. “We personally see every trend as an opportunity to learn something new, and practice additional skills. We never really like to do away with any, because it just gives us more prospects for improvement.”

Alley way portrait .NYC, October 2013.

Alley way portrait .NYC, October 2013.

Whether you’re knee deep in searching for the perfect photography team to capture your wedding day, or just in need of new perspective, know you can put your trust in PeiCheck Productions. They are testament that photography isn’t just a hipster gig, but something more valuable. Edward expresses this best, saying “Photography is not dead… it’s alive and kicking, people just need to see it.”

Pictures courtesy of PeiCheck Productions Photography & Visual Arts.

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