2014 Event Trends: Top 5 Ideas We Love!

It’s a brand new Monday, and we’re ready to own this week! That’s why we’re starting this week, with a look at 2014’s top event trends. While there’s so many great ideas to discover (or discard!), we choose out top 5 event trends we’re sure will make a huge splash this year:

1. Events for a Cause

Photo via: Vitamin Angels

Photo via: Vitamin Angels

We know it’s a not a new idea, it’s been done too many times over. We can tell you the feel good factor will make it worth it! Your event does not need to charity based, nor should it look like exploitation of emotions for your invited guests. Create a healthy balance by incorporating charitable donations into aspects of your event. You could even work closely with vendors or suppliers, with an incentive based platform. They participate, you spread the word. With this marketing strategy, everybody wins! So long as the cause and your contributions are genuine, folks will get on board with your plan.

 2. Food Bars & Stations 

Picture: Karen Mordechai via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Picture: Karen Mordechai via Elizabeth Anne Designs

The days of heavy buffets are over! Whether you’re feeding conference attendees or wedding guests, there’s no need to fuss over full meals anymore. Go with a box style buffet, or a DIY drinks station for guests. Give your guests a chance to sample everything, especially if you’re preparing a wide range of options! With DIY stations, guests will be able to control exactly how much (or how little) they’d need on their plate, or in their drink.

3. Streaming Playlists 

There’s a great element of spontaneity with streaming playlists. It’s 2014, so leave all the worry about inappropriate music behind. There’s no need for iPod playlists, with potentially embarrassing songs or recordings in your personal collection. Streaming playlists like Songza can curate the perfect playlist for any occasion! We love how easy it is for access to great music, so sample our playlist here.

4. Using Tablets for Events 

Picture via: Hire Tablets

Picture via: Hire Tablets

We’ve got all the fancy gadgets, so it’s about time this becomes a true 2014 trend. Get attendees to check in to conferences with apps that you can access via your iPad, like Boomset! (We also have a list of event planning tools you totally need in your life here.)

We get it, we’re obsessed about writing everything down so that we won’t forget. It’s about time we go paperless, and fully utilize our tablets to get organized and take notes. You could even install and rent tablets for your event’s shared lounge spaces, so guests can get access to additional information on your products or services. It also gives in to the overall aesthetic, especially for tech-savvy companies. Remember, it’s all about being clean and green this year!

5. Charging Stations 

Picture via: Technology Review

Picture via: Technology Review

It’s not enough to use the expensive gadgets we have for events, only to find we’re about to run out of battery juice. If our bars can provide charging stations for our phones, our events should provide these boxes too! We know about the portability of powerbanks, but not all of us have space for bulky things when we’re at an event. Help your event attendees by providing secure charging stations. These charging stations could be a spot where your attendees can meet up, and network at the same time! With enough juice in their gadgets, we can guarantee your guests will definitely spend more time on social media, talking about your event. This way, everyone’s happy!

What are some or your event ideas that you hope will make it big in 2014? Don’t forget to share with us!

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