Winter is Coming: Top 10 Food and Drinks to Serve at Your Game of Thrones Party! (Part II)

Picture via: Swide

Picture via: Swide

Ok, so even Cersei’s ready for The Best Game of Thrones Theme/Viewing Party Ever. We’re mere hours away from the new season of Game of Thrones, on top of that! In this second part of our GoT special, we show you the top 10 GoT inspired food and drinks to serve your hungry guests.

Whichever kingdom you’re down with, it’s all about serving a feast for your family and friends! Get as many friends to come together, and do it potluck style. This way, you won’t have to stress too much about serving the entire table.

1. Bread and Salt 

No Game of Thrones theme dinner is complete without an initial offering bread and salt! Westeros tradition states that providing bread and salt for your guests means no harm will come to them in your house (We’ll talk about the Red Wedding later). Place the physical proof of guest-right in your party space, so guests will feel right at home! Any type of fresh bread and salt will do.

2. Turnip Greens, Fennel & Sweetgrass Salad

Picture via: Swide

Picture via: Swide

For guests who’d like a healthier (and meatless) option, go with a turnip greens, fennel and sweetgrass salad. Add 1/4 cup of walnuts, golden raisins and julienned apples for crunch. Drizzle with balsamic for dressing, and top off with edible flowers. Instant yum! Get the full recipe here. 

3. Caveman Pops 

Don’t fret, it’s only turkey legs! You will have to brine your turkey legs, so it retains all the juice and flavor. It’s going to look so good on your dining table, so take the time to prepare this. You still have time before the new season airs! Get the full recipe here. Don’t forget to put foil on the ends, it’ll be easier for clean up!

4. Rotisserie Chicken & Potatoes

The world of GoT is about excess, and meat. Lots of meat. Make your guests gasp with a gorgeous dining centerpiece, like a whole chicken and potatoes. Short on time? Call on our friends at Dickson’s Farmstand for the juiciest, flavorful breast meat in town! Serve this, and even the Lannisters will be impressed!

5. Brown Stew Chicken 

Make like the GoT world and serve a hearty meal. Go with Freda’s Caribbean & Soul Cuisine for their fabulous brown stew chicken! It’s fall off the bone goodness, with a tangy, tomato-based sauce. Don’t forget a side of brown stew gravy, for a complete finger-licking sauce! If Robert Baratheon was alive, he’d need a second plate!

6. Oatcakes 

Picture via: Flavorwire

Picture via: Flavorwire

For a perfect balance of a dry and crisp treat, the hardy oatcakes are a great way to relate to GoT characters on their arduous journey. Get the recipe here! For those who want a crunchier oatcake, replace the apricot in the recipe with chopped nuts. Serve with butter and syrup, for added extravagance!

7. Maple Bacon Cinnamon (Cup) Cake 

Take the meat-loving GoT theme a notch, with Kumquat Cupcakery‘s maple bacon cinnamon cupcakes! These mini cupcakes are topped with vanilla frosting and a thick cut of bacon. Whether beyond The Wall, or in the comforts of King’s Landing, you bet your guests will devour these treats!

8. Game of Thrones Cookies 

Brighten up your party area with gorgeous GoT cookies, made out of your favorite house’s symbol. Click here for a detailed look into making these sugar cookies. It’s gorgeous, yummy and telling of your friends’ GoT allegiance!

9. Strawberry Lemonsweet 

When we first introduced to Olenna of the House of Tyrell, we knew this lady could stand a chance against Cersei. More importantly, one of Olenna’s scenes included a close look into the drinks served during tea, strawberry lemonsweet. It’s super easy to make, and a lovely drink to serve for the warmer days. The longer you let the drink sit, the pinker and more flavorful it will become! Make your own here.

10. Game of Thrones-Inspired Beer 

Ommegang and HBO’s beer collaboration is back, this time with GoT: Fire and Blood! Named after the motto of House Targaryen, the beer is inspired by the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys and her dragon babies. Her dragons are even featured in three separate bottle packaging. The aromas of this deep red ale include ripe fruit, raisins, slight spice and malt, with a slight floral, spicy hop character. The fruity taste with sweet malt character will be the perfect serving in front of the TV!

What are some of your favorite dishes to serve for your Game of Thrones-inspired party? Don’t forget to share with us!

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