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Grilled Salmon in Coconut Sauce with Curry Oil

Grilled Salmon in Coconut Sauce with Curry Oil

You’ll only need to take one look at these food shots, and we guarantee you’ll have to suppress the desire to lick the screen! This is the magic of Sinful Indulgence, and it’s all thanks to personal chef and caterer, Kizzy Short.

Kizzy’s deep love for food and cooking speaks to you, through her dishes. It isn’t just a dish to fill your hungry stomachs, it’s a delicious love affair for your senses! Vivid colors will overwhelm your eyes, before you dive into the sweet point of no return with the rich taste of her dishes. Sinful indulgence, indeed.

Guaca salad

Guaca Salad

A native of beautiful twins islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Kizzy’s culinary journey began when she came back to New York and was unable to find a job in the culinary field.

The birth of Sinful Indulgence started with Kizzy’s roots, with dishes influenced by the vibrant colors of the islands she came from. Bright, spunky and definitely unforgettable, it’s easy to see how her upbringing has such a delightful impact on her cooking. The secret to her mouthwatering dishes? Kizzy ensures the use of herbs and spices commonly used in Trini style cooking in order to add a slight twist of flavor to traditional cuisines.

Cabbage and

Cabbage & Collard Green Egg Rolls

It’s this twist that makes the signature Sinful Indulgence experience, with striking dishes that are almost too gorgeous to eat! When we asked Kizzy how we can imagine the smell and taste of Sinful Indulgence, her answer makes us salivate a little! “Sinful Indulgence smells & tastes like a tropical breeze on a summer day. Spicy, sweet. Inviting. Intoxicating.”

Kizzy may say her dishes are simple, but it’s anything but! Take her Cabbage & Collard Green Egg Rolls, for example. Marrying different flavors and cultures, the presence of the rolls will beg you to pop ’em in your mouth! “It seems to a favorite, both with vegetarians and carnivores,” Kizzy laughs.

Bourbon glazed chicken

Bourbon Glazed Chicken

The universal appeal of Sinful Indulgence is proof of Kizzy’s expertise as a personal chef and caterer. While she enjoys catering for all type of events, Kizzy’s heart lies in personalization. “I love the smaller, more intimate meals, where I have time to “play” with the food and add personal touches to make it that more special,” says Kizzy.

That’s the undeniable Sinful Indulgence stamp. You will get nothing but the best efforts, every single time! Kizzy confirms this, saying, “My goal is to help eliminate some of the stress that is associated with planning [your] special events, while providing simple yet sophisticated dishes and a passion for quality service.”


Southern Style Green Beans

It’s this passion that Kizzy hopes we taste as we sit and enjoy her meals. “I’m really passionate about what I do, and I hope it translates in the dishes I prepare,” she says. It’s no surprise how Sinful Indulgence came together quite beautifully, especially when coupled with Kizzy’s culinary experience and insistence on fresh ingredients as foundation to her gorgeous dishes.

Spinach Pesto Penne

Spinach Pesto Penne

That’s what you’ll definitely take away with you, after you’ve tasted what Sinful Indulgence has to offer. Kizzy’s on to bigger things, with the launch of her official website and a party to celebrate! We’re also pretty sure, it’ll be no time before the Oscars, Grammys and other high-profile celebrations reach our for Kizzy’s talents. Until then, grab the chance to immerse yourself in the Sinful Indulgence experience before the White House comes calling!

Pictures courtesy of Sinful Indulgence

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  1. I am Kizzy’s number one fan when it comes to her Delightful Cuisine! I have seen her grow from strength to strength as she delved deeper and deeper into what I describe as her Passion. Since she was a little girl, she always would hang around the kitchen whenever I was cooking or baking. Many times she would ask “mommy can I do it?” And I always used to indulge her because that’s what my mom used to do with me hence my love for the kitchen as well. I am very proud to see how much she has grown and I wish her all the best in her future endeavours. I always say to her ‘THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! !!!!

    • sawwaa! says:

      Thank you for your comment, Patricia. We absolutely love what you have to say! It’s true, it’s like we can taste Kizzy’s passion through the computer screen, and we’re certain she’s gonna go seriously beyond her wildest dreams! Here’s to even greater success for Sinful Indulgence 🙂

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