It’s Cinco de Mayo! 7 Incredible Mexican Foods to Satiate Your Appetite


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Spring is ready for another celebration, so today we’re getting ready for Cinco de Mayo! While many of us think it’s Mexico’s Independence Day, it’s actually the celebration of the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Here in America, we revel in taco-and-margarita-overload, but the holiday is largely celebrated in the region and capital city of Puebla, Mexico. For an awesome Cinco de Mayo fiesta, why don’t you take it one step further and make some traditional Mexican food? We don’t just mean nachos or refried beans, this is the real deal! We’ve compiled a list of 7 scrumptious ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, also the perfect excuse to whip up an amazing Mexican feast for your guests or even a party for one!  Mole Poblano 

Photo: Empellon

Photo: Empellón

What’s a Cinco de Mayo celebration, without the most consumed dish in Puebla? Mole may seem intimidating to make, but think of the joys of eating after your hard work! What exactly is mole? It’s basically a sauce from a long list of ground up ingredients, and come in many different consistencies. Take the gastronomic cue and go with Mole Poblano, courtesy of the amazing Empellón right here in New York! Get Empellón’s exclusive kitchen recipe here.  

Crackpot Chalupas 

Want to bring iconic Poblano street food into your home? Go with the chalupas, which are fried tortillas topped with glorious salsa, shredded meat and onions. We’ve got a great recipe for chalupas, using the crockpot. Put all the ingredients in the pot, let it slow cook for 8 hours, and bam! Your tastebuds will be ready for the wonders of this Mexican dish. Top with crunchy, baked tortilla with a dollop of sour cream, and enjoy!

Cemita Sandwich

So the sandwich will always be welcomed at any fiesta, and this includes the Mexican Dagwood from our friends at Head over Meals! This cemita sandwich is also a product of Puebla, which incredible layers of avacado, meat, cheese, mayo, beans, lettuce and pickled onions topped with salsa and papalo, a cilantro-like herb from Puebla. Serve on fluffy sesame-seeded Mexican bread, with a grand total of 10 layers? Now this is the ultimate, portable Mexican feast!

 Tortilla Soup with Chiles & Charred Corn 

When isn’t a good time to drown in the comforts of a hearty tortilla soup? We love Hungry Girl por Vida’s recipe, using 4 chiles with chicken and charred corn. Just imagine treating your tastebuds with each spoonful, with bits of chicken and that slow burning chile! The best part of this recipe? You can spice it up or dress it vegetarian if that’s what you want! If rendered chicken fat to cook the vegetables isn’t your thing, go with olive oil. It’s all up to you.

Mexican Salad with Guacamole 

Friends coming over and you just remembered about Cinco de Mayo? Go with the savory Mexican salad with guacamole! What’s a Mexican fiesta without the richness of avocado, right? You’ll need lettuce, kale, cucumber slices, mixed baby greens and sprouts to go with your salsa and guacamole. You’ll be serving this nutritious salad in minutes! Get the full recipe here.


Want to distract guests while you’re stirring up that mole or crockpot chalupas? A cup of esquites will do the trick! If you’re not convinced, esquites is basically creamy corn in a cup, and it is delicious! You’ll only need to toss kernels, cilantro, lime juice, queso fresco, mayo and some cayenne in a bowl. You’re ready to serve! Get the full recipe here.

Margarita Cupcakes 

What’s an American celebration of Cinco de Mayo without margaritas? We trust you’ve already chosen a bar for your free flow margaritas after work, so we’ve got a fabulous margarita cupcake to spice things ups! The trick here is to infuse lots of lime zest, for maximum flavor, as well as lime juice. Hold the tequila, and brush the warm tops of the cupcake for that punch! You can add the rest of the tequila in your buttercream frosting. Don’t forget to garnish with a lime wedge, and a sprinkle of salt! Get the recipe here.

Here’s to a great Cinco de Mayo, folks!

Don’t forget to share some of your favorite Cinco de Mayo dishes, and activities!

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