Birthday Bonanza: How to Throw an Awesome Birthday Party at Home!

Is someone’s birthday coming up, and you forgot to make reservations at the hottest rooftop spot in town? Is it your own birthday, and you’re thinking about throwing a fabulous shindig, without having to deal with traffic and uncomfortable shoes? We show you surefire ways to get the party started, right in your apartment! 

Start with a Theme

What’s a party without a theme to follow through? The theme is just a great excuse to get a bit fancy, or to enforce a slumber party dress code, it’s all up to you! To make it simpler for everybody attending, go with flexible themes like color combinations. But, it’s your celebration. If you want a superhero theme, let your guests know!

Re-Imagine Your Space

It’s important to look at your apartment space to see what you have to work with. Change the look of your space by moving furniture around, or making it disappear in another room! A quick tip: When planning a buffet style setting, or food stations, be sure to move your table from the wall so all sides have access to the food!

Get Deco-Smart

Photo: Rihanna

Photo: Rihanna

It’s tempting, but you really don’t need to buy all your decorations! Change the room’s vibe with the smart placement of a few balloons (no matter how old we get, balloons are still a great indicator of a birthday party!), to the clever use of your color palette. Take Rihanna’s penthouse dinner party, pictured above. Stick to elegant colors like black, gray and white for plates and serving dishes. If you already have a few colorful pieces, place them as a centerpiece for a pop of color. Save your dollars on food!

Is the Food Ready Yet? 

Remember, the key is a good time, not to starve your guests or make them wait! We’ve got a few recipes for foods your guests will not expect, and will definitely beg for more:

Crispy Squid with Garlic Mayo 

If this recipe is good enough for the Domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson, it’s good enough for us! Why serve crispy squid at a birthday bash? It’s completely irresistible, sinful and so addictive! Need we say more? To make serving less messy, place a (big!) spoonful of crispy squid in a cupcake liner. Your guests can choose to add the garlic mayo, or surrender immediately to deep fried goodness!

Watermelon Cups with Feta & Mint 

No party host or hostess should slave away while the others have fun! This recipe is super easy to make, with only five ingredients to use. You’ll need watermelon cut in cubes, feta, cucumber, mint and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. It’s gorgeous, tasty and your vegan friends will love you for this!

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza 

Go mellow, and serve what everyone really wants. It’s not an apartment birthday party for nothing! At Rizzo’s Fine Pizza, the thin crust is their number one seller, with a light, crispy pan baked crust topped with their specially made sauce, yummy cheese and finished with creamy mozzarella. Save yourself the trouble, and get Rizzo’s Fine Pizza to feed your guests! You might want to order extra, just for yourself.

The Birthday Cake 

You can pick up an average pound cake on the way back to the apartment, or you can wow everybody with a handmade creation from A Love for Cakes! They’ve got everything from special event cakes to German specialties, so you will be spoilt for choice. We pick their lemon blueberry mini cakes, because not only are they gorgeous, having four birthday cakes is way cooler than one!

Frozen Smoothie Pops 

If the weather is kind, and guests are in need of yet another sweet treat, share frozen smoothie pops. It’s delicious, and a healthier alternative, but we promise no one will know! Check out the full recipe here, where you can prepare either a Triple Berry, Just Peachy or Banana Pineapple flavor, way in advance before the party.

Don’t Forget the Party Favor! 

We’re big fans of sending guests home with an experience, from the party vibe all the way to the tiny details. Send your guests home with something inexpensive, yet thoughtful enough for guests to remember your party by. Get a few mason jars, clean them out and pour in your favorite snack or trail mix! It can be M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces or even granola with fruits. It’s all about what you love, and what you hope to extend to your guests. After all, that’s the heart of a birthday party, isn’t it?

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