Celebrating SuperMom: 8 Special and Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day!

This coming Sunday on May 11th, we celebrate the human being responsible for all that we are today, and then some! Mother’s Day is upon us, and it’s time to show Mom how much she means to us. For all that she’s done for us, Mom deserves to celebrated every day! Want to go beyond buying spa vouchers for Mom, by gifting her something meaningful and special? Just remembered it’s Mother’s Day, and you’re running out of ideas on how to shower Mom with love? Don’t fear, we’ve got a list of thoughtful presents and special ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day, with the First Lady in Your Life: 

DIY Mother’s Day Notebook 

Sure, we can buy the spa vouchers and buy mom an expensive purse, but Moms will always prefer something heartfelt and handmade! Get a plain notebook, and use photo corners to insert a lovely snapshot of Mom, with her child/children. Finish with a handmade quill-inspired pen, for that extra dose of nostalgia! For full directions, click here.

Christian Siriano Prints 

Not the DIY type, but still want to gift Mom with something seriously special? We’re mad about these Christian Siriano prints! He’s come a long way since his Project Runway days, and it shows on his gorgeous, original sketches. If Mom appreciates collecting artistic pieces, she will enjoy this limited edition 8×10″ print on high quality matte paper. A signed print is also available for sale, if Mom’s a big fan!

Paint Dipped Ceramic Pots 

We love DIY projects, especially when they’re inexpensive and isn’t too difficult to deal with. Gather a few ceramic pots (IKEA is your best friend!), and lay them out on foil or plastic as drying surface. Paper sticks to dried paint, and the result is painful! Get a few paint samples, and swirl the paint of the bottom of the surface. It’s that easy!

Want to earn brownie points from Mom? Take time out, and work on this activity together! You get pretty pots, and quality time. For full directions, click here.

Gorgeous Flower Designs 

If all else fails, flowers will always do the trick! Instead of buying Mom the usual bouquet of roses or daisies, we suggest going with something amazing from our friends at M.A.K. Flower Design. They’ve got a lovely floral design called the Spring Bells of Ireland, which is absolutely stunning. Think of peonies, Dutch hydrangea, orchids and of course, bells of Ireland. Mom will be floored, thanks to Brooklyn’s finest florist!

Heart-Shaped Fried Egg on Toast 

Fix Mom the sweetest looking breakfast, thanks to a heart-shaped fried egg you can serve on toast, topped with scallions! It’s a great spin on a simple dish, that will definitely show Mom you really care. All you need to make the perfect fried egg is a metal heart-shaped cutter. For a quick tutorial, click here!

A Personal Chef for the Day

If you were lucky enough to grow up with Mom’s cooking, it’s time you return the favor! Not so good with your cooking skills? Hire a personal chef to cook for Mom instead. You will love Chef Greg Brown of Fork in the Woods! Growing up, he was deeply inspired by his own mother’s cooking and learnt the importance of fresh ingredients. Chef Greg Brown will be more than happy to create custom menus just for Mom, that will suit her dining preferences and dietary requirements. He’ll shop for Mom, cook in her kitchen, and clean everything up. Mom will be thrilled!

Cupcakes for the Sweetest Mom

What’s a celebration without some sweets? If Mom has a soft spot for desserts, then surprise her with a dozen of cupcakes from our buds at Filled with Sweets! Mom will be pleased with these one-of-a-kind creations, influenced by Asian flavors and ingredients. Go with the popular flavor, the Matcha Blackcurrant Cupcake, with a matcha (green tea) cake filled with homemade blackcurrant jam and topped with matcha frosting. We also love that they use organic and hormone-free ingredients, so Mom won’t have to feel guilty!

Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y Time with Mom 

Photo: BAM

Photo: BAM

At the end of the day, no gift in the world will mean more to Mom than spending quality time with her children. Take a nostalgic ride back into the past, and have a supercalifragilisitcexpliadocious time with Mom and everyone’s favorite nanny, Mary Poppins! The Brooklyn Academy of Music will be screening the movie at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm at the BAM Rose Cinemas, so purchase your tickets now and surprise Mom with a feel good time! Just in case you need to brush up on the songs to sing along, click here.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the Moms a very happy Mother’s Day. You deserve this day, and every other day of the week!

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