“Meatless Monday” Meals: 5 Dishes You Can’t Resist!

Photo: BBC Good Food

Bean Salad with Yogurt Avocado Dressing (Photo courtesy of BBC Good Food)

It’s a Monday, everybody! The start of the week is the perfect time for us to feel motivated, and ready to reach whatever goal we’ve set for ourselves. Want to feel good, and start eating better? Today’s your lucky day! For the 57 per cent of us who are optimistic about a fresh start to the week, this is the perfect time for “Meatless Mondays”! So “Meatless Mondays” have been a real effort for about a decade now, but there’s no better time to start than this Monday! Some of you still skeptical about meatless options? We’ve got five great foods to whip up (or order!) for a great vegetarian meal, that’s both yummy and lower in fat! 

Bean Salad with Yogurt Avocado Dressing 

We eat with all our senses, so our foods have to taste amazing and look it too! This bean salad is super easy to make, and is a refreshing vegetarian main packed with cannellini beans, broad beans, carrots and radishes. Cut some pita bread into triangles, and toast on both sides for a few minutes, and indulge in this gorgeous salad. For the full recipe, click here. 

The Original Bombay Sandwich 

Want to ease into “Meatless Monday” slowly? We’ve got a kick ass sandwich from our friends at Bombay Sandwich Co! Shiv and his lovely wife, Shikha can hook you up with the king sandwich of Indian street food! We promise you, it’s as scrumptious as it looks. The Original Bombay Sandwich is the crowd pleaser, with a classic home recipe that includes potatoes spiced with dried mango powder, tomatoes, ginger, green chili and lime. Top if off with some Spicy Apple Chutney, and you’re in for a power lunch. Be careful with the chutney, the chillies they use may be small, but they pack a lot of heat!

GustOrganics Pizza 

We understand, you want to commit to “Meatless Mondays” but you just need pizza today. GustOrganics has the perfect meatless pizza for you! Take a look at their sweet potato, goat cheese and kale pizza with a grain free crust and tell us you’re not intrigued! If you’re craving for pasta, and you’re working around Chelsea, GustOrganics has a lunch set that comes with small soup or salad, and a great list of entree dishes to choose from! All organic, and made with the freshest produce. You might wanna go meatless every day after this! For the lunch set menu, click here. 

Wild Ginger’s Udon Noodle Soup 

Want to go all the way, and do “Meatless Mondays” properly? Our buds at Wild Ginger offer a variety of Pan-Asian dishes, and is 100% vegan. No meat, no eggs and no dairy products are used to make your meals! Sometimes all you need to get through Monday is a hearty bowl of udon noodle soup. Wild Ginger uses whole-wheat udon for this Japanese dish, which is a healthier option than regular udon noodles. Served in a miso broth, the udon noodles come with firm tofu, seaweed, spinach and mushrooms. You won’t miss meat, we promise!

Raw Baby Kale Salad with Apples, Sunflower Seeds & Lemon-Dijon Vinaigrette 

Wanna pack food for work? You’ll only need a few ingredients, and a few minutes to put together a raw baby kale salad. The recipe is ridiculously easy to recreate, and is super delicious! You’ll need baby kale, and chopped apples. It can be whatever type of apples you prefer. If you can’t find baby kale, go with the Red Russian Kale. Don’t want sunflower seeds? Go with walnuts, or almonds. The best part about raw salads is about adjusting the recipe to your own tastebuds.
The vinaigrette is a combo of balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and some sugar. Whisk in the olive oil to make the dressing. If you’re planning to eat the salad later, prepare your dressing in a small mason jar or container. Pour the dressing on your greens only when you’re ready to eat. This way, you don’t have to deal with a soggy salad!
There’s something really powerful about “Meatless Mondays”, and making a healthy choice for a better quality in Life. We hope you take advantage of every Monday, and work on your eating habits! Don’t forget to drop us a line if you have a fun, meatless dish to share!

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