Get High(er): Host the Best Rooftop Dinner Party Ever!

Get higher by height, that is! In case you haven’t noticed, here at Fiestah we’re kinda into rooftop parties. What’s not to love? You’ll get a gorgeous view for free, with more space to move around and mingle. It’s the perfect way to get away, without going away on an faraway vacation! Start late in the afternoon, and watch the magic unfold when night falls!

Promise yourself to stay away from work this coming weekend, and plan to host a dinner party on the rooftop! It’s about time you put away the gadgets, and spend quality time with friends (or family!) with a sit-down dinner arrangement. Don’t know where to start? Scroll down, and let us help you!

Party Set Up 

It’s Spring, so there’s no shortage of flowers! Set your rooftop space with colorful flowers like lilacs and violas. Flowers are known to improve moods, and your guests can bring some home when the party is over. Best cleanup plan ever.

Remember: it’s important the blossoms are lower than the sitting height! We sit at the dinner table to share stories, and enjoy each other’s company. We can’t do that with flowers blocking everyone’s faces!

Tidy Up Your Utensils 

You’re bringing things up from your place, and you might miss a few dinner party essentials. Keep things tidy and place cutlery (or condiments!) in small galvanized pots and trays. The metal will look great against any theme you might have, and hold utensils or serviettes really well!

Keep Cool with a Portable Bar 

Photo: Society Social

Photo: Society Social

What’s any party without a bar to mix, and ensure a steady flow of drinks? Go with a portable bar instead! A portable cart can be ferried around the rooftop space, so guests can help themselves all night long. You can also set the portable bar away from your dinner table, so guests won’t hog the table while you prepare the feast!

Serve the Best Spring Has to Offer 

Nothing says ‘Perfect Spring Dish’ like serving asparagus. It’s loaded with nutrients, with anti-aging properties and it’s yummy too! You won’t go wrong with the asparagus with egg and chorizo recipe by David Bazirgan from Dirty Habit, San Francisco. It’s super easy to make, we promise! Full recipe here.

Potato, Rosemary and Onion Layer Cake

A dinner party without a potato dish is a crime. Forget crispy wedges, or fries. Go with the potato, rosemary and onion layer cake! The recipe calls for duck fat so you know this dish will make your guests salivate before it hits the table For a full recipe (with step by step pictures!), click here.

Roasted Chicken with Saffron, Lemon and Chilli 

We’re huge fans of a main dish as the star of the table. This roasted chicken isn’t going to take forever with marinating time, so you’ll be done in less than 2 hours. Can we add that a bit of saffron in any dish goes a long, long way? Your guests will be spoiled! Pair this with a bottle of white wine, and you’re set!

Personal Chef Matteo Boffo 

We’re huge fans of customization, and Chef Matteo Boffo is the perfect collaborator! Marrying the culinary traditions of home in Italy and exotic flavors of South East Asia and Morocco, Chef Matteo aims to produce healthy meals without having to sacrificing flavor. If you’re planning for a seriously special rooftop shindig, you can count on Chef Matteo to make gorgeous dishes to wow your guests!

Serve the Best Dessert Ever 

First, it’s a Christina Tosi of Momofuku NYC special, so you can trust that this will be life changing. At Momofuku, the Liquid Cheesecake is used in various ways (cake layer, anybody?), but if Tosi says we need to enjoy it straight from the pan, who are we to object? Click here for the full recipe. And also, you’re welcome.

Now all you need is an awesome Spring inspired punch, and some sexy music when the night falls (This Disclosure mix for Fader mix may be from 2012, but it’s still a winner!), and you’re ready to host the best rooftop dinner party ever. Don’t forget to send some Liquid Cheesecake our way, if there’s any left!

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