We’re Still (Flavor) Trippin’!

flavor tripping party

Don’t let the picture deceive you! We were so psyched about the first Flavor Tripping party, we’ve teamed up with our buds at Eventurously once again to bring you another Flavor Tripping party next month. We just can’t get enough!

Our Fiestah CEO and Co-Founder, Stefanos (sort of) getting his Iron Chef on!

Our Fiestah CEO and Co-Founder, Stefanos (sort of) getting his Iron Chef on!

If you’re not familiar with flavor tripping, then let us fill you in on why it’s the best thing since.. lemonade. The concept may sound a little different to what many are normally used to, but this is perfectly legal, we promise!

We give thanks to the miracle fruit that temporarily numbs our tongues, which allows sour and bitter foods to taste tantalizingly sweet. Just imagine a chance to trick your tongue and leave a flavor-distorting effect on your tastebuds! All you need is the miracle fruit itself, or buy the tablets. Swirl ’em in your mouth, and get to tasting! (Psst: If you’re up for a longer read, check out our blog post on How to Flavor Trip!)

blue cheese

Together with Eventurously, we hosted the first Flavor Tripping party two months ago with 150 attendees! We had a variety of foods laid out for all to taste, from bleu cheese, lemons, limes to chips, hot sauce, vinegar and of course, some beer! We even had a voting sheet stationed to pick everyone’s brains. Which tasted amazing, or which one didn’t have any effect at all?


Which one was the clear winner? Lemon and lime, hands down! Just imagine consuming lemon or lime-tasting sugar, without the extreme sourness. You won’t be able to stop! (Warning: Don’t consume too much, you might have a tummy ache after the effect wears off!)

Don’t just take our word, or Buzzfeed’s word for it. Come say hi and trip with us on June 3rd, Tuesday from 6:30pm at the fabulous Hudson Terrace! Head on to Eventbrite and get your tickets, because trust us, it’s gonna be a bigger, better Flavor Tripping time. See you there!

(Psst: We also have drink specials, if you’re into Cosmos, Margaritas or Bud Lights. Just thought we should put it out there.)

Pictures courtesy of Eventurously 

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