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Soy Garlic Chicken

At first glance, Asian food can seem daunting to some. We see extensive use of spices, and use of meat parts beyond our imagination. Yet, all it takes is one bite, and we know we’re hooked!

This is the beauty of Asian cuisine. Regardless of geography, all Asian food share something in common: balance. There is a specific art to the foods we bite into. Every single component plays a role in the symphony, dancing in our mouths. No one knows this better than Korean food extraordinaire, Koso Catering!

A result of frustration at the lack of representation within the gourmet catering market, Koso Catering stepped up to the plate to fulfill the needs for gourmet Asian cuisine.

butternut squash close up

Roasted Butternut Squash Bites with Gochujang Fraiche

In every symphony, there will always be a maestro conductor in charge to lead the beautiful music. In Koso Catering, that person is Catering and Event Maestro, Kalynn Dong. They do away with stringent kitchen titles, preferring to appoint their Chef as Kreative Chemist, instead. This fluidity of Koso Catering’s diverse culinary culture is the heart of what makes them so special.

“We aspire to inspire. Food tasting great is a given, but making it visually appealing is an art. We aim to provide unique experiences with every occasion, one bite at a time!” says Kalynn.

Finding the balance to entice customers, without scaring them away was a challenge Koso Catering relished in. Marrying different cuisines such as Korean and Italian, or French resulted in bestselling dishes such as the Kimchi Risotto Cakes with Fontina Cheese and Fine Herbs, as well as Roasted Butternut Squash Bites with Gochujang Fraiche. These unique pairings are the extraordinary culinary proof of the Koso Catering culture of delivering experiences.

Kimchi Crabcakes with Lemon Caper Remoulade

Kimchi Crabcakes with Lemon Caper Remoulade

It’s their promise of new experiences that makes their Bibimbap bowl such a hit during events! A traditional Korean dish of mixed rice, Koso Catering offers a deconstructed version, allowing for customers to build their own bowls. Kalynn reveals the unique appeal, saying, “We provide over 21 fresh vegetable toppings to choose from. Our customers can also select their choice of rice and proteins.”


Customization features are quickly becoming a forte, which is a fresh alternative to the dishes we’ve come to expect at events. Kalynn encourages doing something different, saying, “We do corporate lunches on a daily basis and our clients love our amazing Bibimbop bowls which is our specialty!” Kalynn also believes in the Bring Your Own (BYO) concept because it satisfies everyone’s palate, and doesn’t disrupt dietary restrictions either. Koso Catering also offers other personal customizations such as the Farm to Table Bento Boxes, BYO Noodle Bar and the Dim Sim Station. It’s set up to be an action station where guests can choose from staple products like shrimp shaomai and egg custards, with awesome options like build-your-own buns!

It’s no wonder why they were chosen to cater for famous contemporary artist Xu Bing’s Phoenix display opening at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Koso Catering‘s expert handling of Asian and American inspired cuisine was a success, serving delectable dishes like Black Truffle Mac and Cheese and Honey Citroen Infused Tuna Tartare with Plantain Crisp, just to name a few!

Photo: Tuscan Shrimp with Shaved Fennel

Photo: Tuscan Shrimp with Shaved Fennel

So what’s a valuable advice for those hosting parties or events? “Most important is one biters that aren’t messy and doesn’t require much to keep your fingers clean,” says Kalynn, before adding, “Make sure you have gluten free and vegetarian options!” Go with super easy bites like the Asian TJ Dogs with Kimchi Coleslaw or deviled eggs with cucumber relish and Korean radish. Kalynn promises a divine experience, saying “Adding a kick of Asian, I promise makes everyone’s palate say THANK YOU!”

Presentation is another crucial element to invite curious palates to dig in. “I am all about design trays and how the food is presented on each platter or tray. All the design work is handmade by me and made with tons of love!” says Kalynn.

It’s this love and drive that saw Koso Catering moving into a 4000 sq/ft kitchen facility to accommodate their rapid growth, with plans to further expand the business in 2014. Kalynn has a serious mission, and it’s a delicious one at that. “Everyone knows Chinese cuisine and sushi but most don’t know about the beauty of Korean cuisine, and that’s what we are aspiring to do!”

We know they’ll do just that, and so much more!

Photos courtesy of Koso Catering 

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