Fiestah Picks: Top 5 Apps That Might Change Your Life!

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It’s hard to imagine functioning without our phones, and all the apps we’ve accumulated over time. Since it’s the start of a fresh week ahead of us, we’ve compiled five apps you should introduce to your life! We’re talking functional apps that will enhance the daily experience, and make everyone’s lives that much easier. We know, we’ve pretty obsessed at this point.

Check our top picks for the month of June, after the cut! 


Never really understood what Foursquare check-ins were really about? What about an app dedicated to the Art of Drinking Beer? Say hello to Untappd, a free app that allows you to check out (and check in to!) bars and breweries around the area, what your friends are drinking. You can also earn badges, leave tips and reviews, and even make a list of favorite distinct beers!

We also love how Uptappd has trending locations, and makes recommendations based on what you like. Where has this app been all our lives? Check it out here!

Vivino Wine Scanner

Ever groaned about pairing your foods with the right wine? What about scoring the perfect bottle, that wouldn’t hurt the bank account? Go with Vivino Wine Scanner, the number one wine app! All you need to do is to take a photo of a wine label, and see what others have to say! Picking out the right bottle of wine will never have to be intimidating again. Full details and download here!


Photo via: Wired

Photo via: Wired

Who can afford to make concrete plans, and stick to it anymore? This is why we personally love YPlan, tonight’s going out app! Suddenly find yourself with a date, and want to check out for awesome events to attend? All you need to do is browse through an shortlist of the best events in town, and book in just two taps! Everything is mobile, so no printing needed. Best part about this app? It’s available for use in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and London! Download details here.


Photo via: Vello

Photo via: Vello

Ever wanted to make a video message including friends from all over the world, but can’t be bothered to edit all the videos together? Meet Vello, a free collaborative video app that allows you do just that, in half the time. You’ll only need to record a 10-second clip and get friends or family to include their own clips via social media, and the app will stitch everything together for you! This is perfect for holiday greetings, or birthday shout outs! More information and download details here.

Tip Check (Tip Calculator) 

Photo via: Apptism

Photo via: Apptism

You won’t ever have to worry about being shortchanged, or shortchanging your server ever again with the help of Tip Check’s Tip Calculator, your ultimate mobile gratuity guide! It can calculate the tip before and after tax, and even supports bill splitting for groups, no network access needed! Whip your phone out when the bill arrives, and you’ll never have to hold everybody up ever again. Download here!

What are some apps you absolutely cannot live without? Share with us in the space below! (And no, Instagram doesn’t count!)

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