A Summer Soiree: Special Touches to Make the Perfect Party!

Photo via: Pinterest

Photo via: Pinterest

It’s getting warmer (and hopefully, sunnier!), and we’re all itching to get out and have ourselves a good time! Previously, we’ve shared the perfect foods to serve for your outdoor summer soiree. Now, we’re about to show you how a few elements can completely brighten up your party space, to make your party the most gorgeous summer soiree, ever!

As always, it’s all about the attention to details. You can stay indoors if the weather doesn’t permit, and bring it outside when it’s gloriously hot! Check out how a few special touches can enhance your party atmosphere, after the cut: 

If the weather is lovely outside, and you have the space, lay a huge blanket outside and prop a few throw pillows on the floor. If you don’t have small tables, then serve your guests with breakfast trays for them to eat on! It’s relaxed, and easy to clean up. Remember, it’s a summer party! Encourage everyone to be as casual as possible.

DIY Watermelon Piñata

We will never be too old to swing a bat and make it rain.. candy! Unleash your inner (birthday) child, and hang a summer icon piñata for everyone to enjoy. This awesome watermelon piñata is all DIY, which will make the candy-swinging experience even sweeter! Full instructions here.

Bins of Ice and Drink

Most important thing at a summer soiree is to ensure the party doesn’t run out of ice cold beverages! We’re huge fans of easing the responsibility of the host/hostess, so fill up enamel bins with lots of ice and a great selection of bottled drinks. Get your guests to help themselves! This way, you’ll only need to worry about refilling the bins.

Frozen Water Balloons 

Photo via: A Subtle Revelry

Photo via: A Subtle Revelry

If you’re looking for colorful visual presentation, then get festive with frozen water balloons! Freeze different colors, and pop them in a bowl to keep your drinks cold. This is perfect for days when it gets sweltering hot!

Don’t Forget the Flowers

We can talk about bright colors, and loud tableware, but flowers will always be a gorgeous addition to any party space. Take it up a notch, and make small bouquets, with a simple card to thank guests for coming. Who can resist beautiful stalks of fresh flowers? Watch out for friends who might be allergic, it’s useful to ask in advance!

What About A Rooftop Summer Soiree? 


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