Last Minute Party Planning: 6 Ways to Look Like You’ve Been Ready Forever!

Photo: D-

Photo: D-Marcha

It’s happened a few times. Work trickles into evening plans, and suddenly everyone’s heading back to your place! About to tear your hair out, because you’re totally not prepared for anyone to come over?

We’ve got six fool-proof ways you can always look prepared and ready for an awesome night in! You’ll never have to freak out, and panic about impromptu plans ever again. 

Raid Your Pantry 

Get creative with whatever you find in your pantry! While we will recommend to make space in your cupboard for last minute party staples like chips, cheese, crackers and assorted nuts, we understand if you don’t have the time/energy/budget/space. Substitute recipe ingredients with whatever you have, like frozen peas to make a guacamole dip! Be sure to add salt, pepper and some lime juice before blitzing in the food processor!

Decor Schmecor 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re mad about decorations! However, last minute party plans will not require streamers. You will need a clean home, dimmed lights, and some seriously good music to get things going. Want a festive feel? Scour your drawers for colorful napkins for your party surface (Check out the picture above, holiday colors are the best)! It adds brightness, and instant cohesiveness. Psst: Don’t forget to spritz the room with fabulous smelling perfume before guests walk in!

Wow ‘Em with a (Super Easy) Dip

Photo: Weary Chef

Photo: Weary Chef

What’s any party without dipping action? Weary Chef believes you will have all the ingredients needed to make this super easy, super yummy Mexican dip! You’ll need sour cream, dried dill, dried parsley, garlic and onion powder, salt, red salsa and Mexican cheese to pair with tortilla chips. Don’t have these dried herb staples? You can use Ranch seasoning mix to substitute!

Food Platter on Cutting Boards 

Want something that looks pulled together, but in half the time? Take your wooden cutting board out, slice some cheese, fruits and place some crackers for an elegant serving! You can literally put anything edible on these cutting boards, and they’ll look lovely and ready to go. Don’t forget to wash these boards before serving!

Fruits Galore

While we love bouquets of flowers to pretty up a party space, most of us have no time/budget to head out for some. We’re huge fans of fresh goods, so why don’t display gorgeous fruits instead? We don’t mean the stuffy idea of a fruit bowl, just a few seasonal fruits to place around the party food spread, to liven up the space! Personally, we love grapes and peaches. They’re gorgeous to look at, and to consume!

Serve Something Fresh to Drink 

Photo via: Vegan Miam

Photo via: Vegan Miam

Most of us might not have garlic powder in our pantry, but we sure do have a six pack in our cooler! It’s easy to break out the beer to pass around, but what about guests who don’t drink? Make them feel welcomed with a super refreshing rosemary lemonade! You’ll need a few lemons, 4 sprigs of rosemary, 1 cup sugar and 6 cups of water. Cook over medium heat, and let the rosemary sit for the flavor until you’re ready to serve. Full instructions here.
If all else fails, don’t forget who to turn to give you a helping hand! (Psst: It’s us!)
What are some your fool-proof last minute planning hacks? Let us know, below!

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