5 Decoration Ideas for An Awesome Fourth of July Celebration!

Photo: Abduzeedo

Photo: Abduzeedo

The weekend is nearly here, and so is Independence Day! We’re so pumped for dazzling fireworks, BBQ, long picnics by the park (and that good ‘ol beer)… We can’t imagine better ways to celebrate our nation’s birthday!

If you’re in the mood to switch things up, and gather friends at your place for this special birthday celebration, don’t skimp on the decorations! We’ve got five awesome ways you can dress up your party space, picnic spreads or dining table (without looking cheesy!) : 

Firecracker Straws 

Photo: Rebecca Green for A Subtle Revelry

Photo: Rebecca Green for A Subtle Revelry

So most of us have landlords who won’t be too happy with fireworks in our homes, so firecracker straws for bottled drinks are your safest bet! It’s sparkly, fun and totally easy to make. Just print the paper flag template here, and get your glue-ing on! Full instructions here.

4th of July Cup Labels 

We’re huge fans of eliminating wastage, and these 4th of July labels for your red and blue plastic cups will do just that! Stick these printable labels from A Subtle Revelry on label sheets on for each guest, so they can keep track of their cups. It’s easier for clean up later, and it’s doing our environment a favor!

Star-Spangled Banner Cupcake Toppers 

Photo: Baked Bree

Photo: Baked Bree

Serving cupcakes at your party or bringing them along for a picnic? Jazz up your cupcakes, with the help of small paper U.S. flags! They come in a set of 12, and are a budget-friendly way of keeping with the theme. Another patriotic friendly idea? Baked Bree’s got a fabulous recipe for the gorgeous cupcakes you see above!

American Landmark Cupcake Toppers 

We’re kind of obsessed with these American Landmarks cupcake toppers, which can be used as a fuss-free, fun decoration piece for other dishes too! Thanks to The Decorated Cookie, all you need to do is print the template on white cardstock, and cut them into respective shapes. Then, tape a stick to the back of the piece, and you’re done!

If you have kids around you, you can encourage them to color these toppers. Psst: This is an adult-friendly activity too!

Red Cup Sparkler Stands 

If you’re blessed with an outdoor party space (or even for picnic!), then you’ll definitely need sparklers (Psst: Pick some up at Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store)! We can’t compete with Macy’s 4th of July fireworks, but it’ll be just as fun! You’ll only need to line up a few red (or blue/white) plastic cups, punch a hole for your sparklers and you’re ready!

Special Note: Don’t Forget the Music! 

Photo via: Hollywire

Photo via: Hollywire

So most of us aren’t so literal about our Independence Day, that’s cool. There’s nothing wrong with Bruce Springsteen, but Time Out’s compiled an awesome playlist of independence-related anthems that will electrify your Fourth of July celebration! Independent Women Pt I, anybody? Go, America!

Stay tuned as we share scrumptious (and easy!) dishes to serve this Fourth of July weekend, in our next blog post!

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