Fun and Budget-Friendly Snacks to Serve At Your Next Party!

How many of us make the mistake of hosting an evening with friends, only to find we don’t have enough time or the budget to serve the right type of snacks? We’re here to tell you, it’s not about how much you spend, or the time spent making treats for your guests!

We’ve got five stress-free and yummy ideas that will be perfect for any type of gathering. Check it out, after the cut!

Raspberries and Cream Slab 

Want a pretty snack, without stressing over it for hours? Try the raspberries and cream slab! You’ll need freeze-dried raspberry chips, slivered pistachios and white chocolate. Don’t worry about buying expensive ingredients, your local supermarket brands will do just fine.

Best part about this easy recipe? You can make use of your microwave to melt the chocolate, and then pop the slab to set in a fridge for a few hours. Then, break the slab into pieces to serve.

Mimi and Coco’s Teriyaki Balls 

If you haven’t heard of Mimi and Coco‘s teriyaki balls, then you haven’t visited enough city street fairs! The fantastic duo serve awesome teriyaki balls, fashioned after the traditional takoyaki, the quintessential Japanese street food made of grilled octopus stuffed in seasoned dough. For a Western twist, Mimi and Coco fill the teriyaki balls with country sausage, shrimp, and organic potato instead of octopus.

So if you’re going to invite friends over for a drink this weekend, these teriyaki balls will definitely be intriguing, and absolutely tasty. Tell Mimi and Coco we said hi!

Traditional Soft Pretzels 

What’s a party without something salty to munch on while you feast on conversation, and lots to drink? Don’t give in to the temptation of buying these babies, make your own with this simple recipe from Tasting Table!

Clearly we haven’t gotten over our World Cup German madness, but you can’t blame us, can you? Soft pretzels are the best snack for the strong drinks you’ll be serving! This recipe yields eight large pretzels, and may look like it’s a lot to deal with, but trust us when we say it’s all worth it.

Fruit and Nut Nibblers

Photo: Lipstiq

Photo: Lipstiq

If you’ve got friends coming over for a drink or two, always remember to keep nibbles in your pantry! You’ll only need to chop some apples, seedless grapes, raisins, cranberries, walnuts and sprinkle cinnamon sugar. Toss to combine, and serve!

If you don’t have some of the ingredients, use whatever you have in your fridge. No sugar? Serve with Greek yogurt. No walnuts? Almonds will work too. We love how versatile this recipe is, and it’s a healthy alternative to potato chips too!

 Peanut Butter + Jelly Sushi 

Sushi isn’t for everyone, and we all know, raw salmon isn’t for everyone either! If you completely forgot about your quick gathering, or realize you have nothing to serve, go with the classic PB + J!

Instead of a sandwich, cut corners of the bread and roll ’em up. It’s the perfect snack without the price tag or hassle (we know you have peanut butter and jelly in the kitchen), and will be another awesome way to enjoy everyone’s favorite childhood snack!

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