5 Awesome Drinks to Serve and Enjoy This Summer!

What’s the secret behind staying cool all summer long? The answer lies in awesome, ice cold drinks that were tailor-made for the warmer weather!

We’ve got five yummy recipes for you to whip up, and beat the heat!

Midsummer Peach Cider Cocktail  

See the gorgeous drink above? Get your tall glass of awesome on with a peach cider cocktail! Chill some pear cider and mix with cachaca and peach liqueur. Top off with freshly squeezed lemon, and some mint. Dont forget your peach slices! Find the full recipe here.

Grilled Citrus and Grape Sangria

What else screams like summer besides fresh fruits? Barbecue grilled fruits! Grill oranges, lemons and grapes to create a depth in flavor, with slight smokiness to your sangria recipe. We recommend using rosé wine (also because we love pink wine!). Don’t forget to grill your fruits first, before your meat! No one wants sangria to taste like grilled chicken. (Or do we?)

 Basil Limeade Slushies

Photo: Martin Morrell via Food and WIne

Photo: Martin Morrell via Food and WIne

We love slushies, but alcoholic slushies are the best! Take your summer drink to another level with this basil and lime combo. Take 8 cups of ice, 4 cups of water to mix with 3 cups of fresh lime juice, some basil leaves with a few cups of sugar and some soda water. The soda water will add a welcome zing to your drink! Full recipe here.

 Blackberry Ginger Ice Cream Float

Photo: Levi Brown via Real Simple

Photo: Levi Brown via Real Simple

We can’t forget about our friends who don’t drink. Take it way back with a nostalgic ice cream float! You’ll need blackberries, a few strips of lemon peel, a whole pint of vanilla ice cream because why not, ginger beer and some sugar. The color is fabulous, but the taste is even better! Full recipe here.

Make Your Own (Hard) Cider

There’s no shame in enjoying cider, and now, you can make your own! If you’re not the cocktail or slushie kind of person, Brooklyn Brew Shop has a hard cider kit that can ferment up to three batches of cider! They provide you with high quality glass fermenter, so you can re-use your equipment. All you need is another Beer Making Mix, and you’re ready for your next brew! This project is too cool.

What are some of your go-to drinks to beat the heat? Share with us, below!

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