Throw A Mad Men Theme Party With 8 Easy Steps!

Still reeling about the inevitable end of Mad Men, but can’t wait for the second half of the seventh season? It’s time for a ‘house’ party!

Anytime is the perfect time to spruce up your home, put on a fabulous outfit and host a Mad Men theme party! We’ve got eight easy steps to pull everything together, and throw the kind of party Don Draper and co will be more than happy to attend, after the cut:

 1. Serve With: A Mondrian Tumbler 

Dutch artist Piet Mondrian’s vivid geometric patterns made a fashionable resurgence in the 60s with Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic “Mondrian Dress'”, so these tumblers are the perfect fit for a boozy night in with your retro-clad guests. Fun party element, check! Get them at the MoMA Design Store here.

2. Party Favors: Cigarette Candies 

It’s a Mad Men theme party, but it’s still 2014! Eliminate cancer sticks and pass your guests these awesome cigarette candies as they walk into the party. Mad Men roleplay, check! Get your packs here.

3. Serve Sweet Treats: Cigarette Russes Cookies 

Want more than cigarette candies? Serve cigarette russes cookies, or piroulines! It’s easy to make, and will turn out light and crisp. Add the sprinkles for a tinge of mad fun! Recipe here. 

4. H’ordeuvres: Pink Deviled Eggs 

Deviled eggs are the perfect party food, ask Betty Draper! How about adding some pizzazz to the party, with this intense hue? No chemicals involved, give thanks to beet instead! Get the recipe here.

5. Wow ‘Em With: Rumaki 

Serve up a festive party dish with a platter of rumaki! Rumaki’s origins are fuzzy, so it could be part Chinese or part Japanese for pork spring roll. Either way, Betty Draper served it once during an international-themed dinner, so it’s good in our books! You’ll need bacon. Lots of bacon. Full recipe here. 

6. Whip Up: A Dolled Up Old Fashioned 

Only boring people are bored, but we’ve got the perfect solution for that! Whip up a few batches of A Dolled Up Old Fashioned, a sexy update on the classic drink. You’ll need two shots of whisky, a splash of St-Germain, two splashes bitters and a splash of sour mix. Satisfied guests? Check! Full recipe here.

7. (Role)Play With: Mad Men Masks 


Photo: AMCTV

What’s a Mad Men theme party, without some roleplaying? Hand these printed character masks to guests, and watch for the best impressions! Winner wins another round of drinks, naturally.

8. Don’t Forget To: Zou Bisou Bisou

We’re still not over Megan Draper in that slinky black dress, singing this yéyé tune at Don Draper’s surprise birthday party! Put this on, along with other gems from Ella Fitzgerald, Chubby Checker, The Miracles and even The Beatles. No twerking allowed!

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