5 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Your Next Event

Eco-friendly event planning may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Put away old fashioned notions of green decorations or camping-style event spaces, all you need is an easy guideline and a little bit of effort to make your event an eco-friendly one.

We’ve got five effortless (and inexpensive!) elements to help put an eco-friendly event together, regardless of your budget, space or occasion. Check it out, after the cut:

Eco-Friendly Invites 

Some will still scoff at the idea of digitizing invites, where’s the fun in sending emails or social media event pages? We’ve got the perfect solution with plantable paper from Botanical Paper Works. It’s biodegradable eco-paper, embedded with seeds! It’s the absolute coolest to watch the paper compost away and the seeds grow. Your guests will be surprised by this long term party favor too!

Eco-Friendly Decorations 

There’s no reason to amp up the event space with new decorations every single time, go with recyclables instead! We love the use of old can tins to make up a table centerpiece (with or without the label!), or to use a candlestick holder. We also love DIY coasters using old magazines. All it takes is a little time and effort for it to be environmentally friendly and a hit with guests too!

Eco-Friendly Lighting 

Nature provides the best lighting, whether it’s during the day or emanating gorgeous hues during sunset. Whatever your event may be, create an intimate atmosphere with beeswax candles, which are a natural, safer option that paraffin based candles. They last longer too!

Eco-Friendly Favors 

Many times we see events give away favors or gift bags for branding purposes, but it’s possible to give guests something sustainable and useful that guests won’t discard. What makes your event eco-friendly isn’t just what you do during the event, carbon footprints after the event count too. We personally love eco-friendly tote bags, which are to super easy to customize!

Photo: Decorins

Photo: Decorins

When in doubt, send guests home with a plant instead! This way, they’ll be less prone to get rid of your party favor (let’s face it, we’re all guilty of this!). Potted herbs will add a touch of warmth to your event space, and double up as party favors too.

Eco-Friendly Catering 

Photo via: Amazon

Photo via: Amazon

Always remember it’s a healthier, better option to go organic and local! Support the local farms, so you can cut down on emissions when transport the food long distance. Besides, supporting your local suppliers mean supporting your community, and that’s never a bad thing. (Just in case you needed help sourcing for local, organic foods to serve, remember our list of vendors!)

When serving, go with the disposable looking eco plates! They’re actually porcelain, which means you can keep reusing, and you waste less paper.

What are some of your green ideas for event planning? Share with us, below!

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