It’s Possible: How To Plan The Perfect Launch Party!

Photo: Party Pals

Photo: Party Pals

It’s not a unicorn, people. The perfect launch party is possible to plan, and make happen! It doesn’t matter what type of product or service you’re about to introduce, all it takes is the important grasp of a few basic components to ensure a successful launch.

We’ve got the breakdown for you, after the cut!

What’s The Purpose Again?

We’re confident you have an exciting product or service to offer, but your event will set the pace for what’s to come from your brand. If the launch turns out to be a snoozefest, you might be in danger!

Quick Tip: There are a few type of events: Media, Trade or Consumer. Once you figure out what and who you want to impress, then you can design the perfect launch party.

Location, Location, Location

Not everyone is going to be game if there’s no accessibility. Also, it doesn’t have to be the Empire State, but the location should reflect your brand.

Quick Tip: Choose a relatively cozy event space, nothing is worse than a partially filled room! A smaller space will ensure people connect with each other, and that is always good. Queues are good too, but don’t leave guests waiting or to complain on social media!

Your Guestlist Is Definitely Important 

Remember, who you invite will also set the tone! Round up the key opinion leaders of the industry, word of mouth is still the best way for buzz to travel.

Quick Tip: It’s inevitable for guests to pull out, so expect a 30% drop. Invite at least a third more people than you are able to accommodate, this way you’ll have more than enough guests to fill up the space.

Get The Right Theme

The launch is really about communicating your brand message. Get it all in sync! Ask how every element in your launch relates to the brand, right down to your choice of footwear.

Quick Tip: Work with a reliable caterer, the food and beverage should speak the same language as your launch party. You shouldn’t be serving carbonated drinks if you’re launching a health product!

Do You Need An MC or Host? 

The answer is yes, if the launch requires some formality. We hire emcees because that’s their specialty, so don’t just skimp and appoint your executive!

Quick Tip: Don’t just choose a host because you think they can speak well. Always do your homework, and make sure the hired MC is someone who matches your brand and can work the room.

Seriously, Serve The Right Food 

We see so many people make this mistake! If the launch party works like a cocktail party, plan a menu that isn’t fussy. Serving food that doesn’t work in an open, chair-less space will frustrate your guests.

Quick Tip: Work really, really closely with your caterer. Trust us when we say, the right caterer will do wonders for your event. People will remember your product, and the food served. Check our friends out here!)

Your Gift Bag Really Matters

You mean nobody wants a tote bag filled with your brand’s backgrounder, spreadsheets and cheesy, manipulative vouchers? It’s shocking, but the answer is no. A gift bag is not a press package, it’s a token of appreciation.

Quick Tip: Get guests something useful to remember your brand. The more unique the gift bag, the more positive results will yield. Word of mouth, and social media updates are everything!

We’re All In This Together 

Perhaps the most important element is cooperation amongst the team. From the event planners, runners and all the way to the server, make sure everyone knows what’s going to happen.

Quick Tip: Pre-event briefing is crucial! Gather everyone a few hours before the launch, not right before the event. There’s bound to be details you’ll need to smoothen out then, so get everyone comfortable way beforehand.

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