5 Edible DIY Halloween Party Favors For Your Spooky Bash!


What’s a Halloween good time without sweet treats, or gruesome grabs to bring home and devour?

We’d like to think we’ve elevated our sweet tooth since our childhood trick-or-treating days! Continuing on the theme of Halloween Time for Adults, we’ve got 5 seriously sexy (and slightly creepy!) edible party favors as a parting gift for your grisly guests, after the cut:

Scary Candied Apples 

Matt’s Bites has the most beautiful idea for scary candied apples, with shocking red and ominous black coloring to add a dramatic element to your parting gift. Snow White would definitely chomp on these babies!

Quick Tip: Lighter colored apples help to make the red coloring appear even brighter, and darker apples can help to make the black candy even darker!

Zombie Madness: Abnormal Brains Popcorn 

What’s a surefire way to spook (and feed!) your guests? Hand out brainy popcorn balls for them to devour in the comforts of their own home! These popcorn balls are easy to make, but it might get messy. If guests are up for it, have them make their own gory popcorn balls! Full guide here.

 Game of Thrones Cake Pops 

Want something grotesque, kinda humorous and possibly offensive at the same time? Indulge your GoT buddies with a Ned Stark inspired cake pop, as a party favor! You’ll need lots of candy melts, red velvet box mix and cream cheese frosting. Don’t forget bamboo skewers as stilts! The Lannisters will be so pleased. Full recipe here.

 Lord of the Rings’s Elven Lembas Bread  


Photo: Geeky Chef

Want something a little less gory? Go with a LoTR party favor! For those who didn’t read (or watch) the Lord of the Rings trilogy, lembas bread were made by elves as sustenance on long journeys, and wrapped in Mallorn leaves. Send your guests along their arduous journey home with this filling bread, with a special recipe from Geeky Chef! Want a Mallorn leaf template, a wrapping tutorial or alternate recipe? Click here to find out more!

Harry Potter’s Polyjuice Potion


Photo: Pepper

Need to refresh your memory about Polyjuice Potion? With the help of some odd ingredients (and a lock of hair), you can transform into just about anyone for a hot minute! While we Muggles haven’t actually figured it out, we’ve got a great alternative, and you can send your guests home with it too. No harm will come, we promise!

You’ll need orange juice, ginger tea and a lemony carbonated drink. Add some vodka, for the ‘real’ magic to happen. Click here for the full recipe. For a dash of authencity, click here for printable Polyjuice Potion labels for your bottles!

Have a spooky one, everyone!


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