Oktoberfest 2014: Where To Have a Beer-Drinkin’ Good Time!


Photo: AP Photo/Matthias Schrader via The Atlantic

It’s that time of the year where we celebrate Oktoberfest, the world’s largest funfair held annually in Munich, but you won’t need flight tickets!

Technically, this Bavarian festival is from Saturday, September 20 through Sunday, October 5 this year but don’t fret! There’s still time to enjoy the best Bavarian beer and food our city can offer. We’ve got a quick list of the hottest spots to hit for the rest of the month, as well as international drinking games to enjoy, after the cut!

Munich on the East River 

Take time out this weekend, from 12:00PM onwards and hang with Bavarian bierhaus Zum Scheider! For a true Oktoberfest experience, head on down to the East River where the German-speaking staff are decked out in their best lederhosen (read: leather breeches!) to serve you all the beer and pretzels your system can take! Full details here. 

The Polka Floyd Show 

Make some time this Saturday, October 18 and head down to Pilsner Haus Biergarten and have a rockin’ good time with Polka Floyd. Let us make this clear: it’s a polka Pink Floyd tribute band. How’s that for a fun weekend? Details here. 

New York City Wine and Food Festival 



If you’re feeling a bit fancy, the New York City Wine and Food Festival is coming our way this October 16-19! For a distinct Oktoberfest, head to Queens on Sunday, October 19. Hosted by Andrew Zimmern, this Bavarian party will feature the best brats, kraut, Schnitzel and strudels on top of the best selection of beers! They’ll even throw in drinking games and a live band. Seriously, it will be a weekend to remember. Full details and ticket information here. 

International Drinking Games You’ll Need  

We’re not going to let you go anywhere without some drinking games to impress (or terrify!) your company of beer lovers!

Japan: Ping Pong Pang 
It’s fast paced game, so (attempt to) pay close attention! One player yells out “ping”, then the person on the player’s left quickly says “pong”. The next person says “pang” the same time they attempt to nominate someone else by pointing at them, shouting “ping”!  When the player hesitates or forgets to point, everyone will chant “iki iki iki!”, which means… “Drink Up, Genius.” (Ok so it just means drink, drink, drink!)

Spain: Los Chunguitos 
A popular Spanish game named after a 70s rumba band, Los Chunguitos starts off with players clapping flamenco style throughout the entire game. The first player yells out “I am Chunguitos number one!” and will go on until every player has a number. Once that happens, Chunguitos number one shouts their own number and randomly calls out a number of another player.

This is where it gets difficult after a few drinks! The player to the right of the current player must make drum sounds, while the left makes guitar sounds. When someone messes up the rhythm, they drink!

For more international drinking game ideas, click here. Have an unforgettable Oktoberfest, everyone!

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