How to Plan A Great Gatsby Theme Party: Decoration Tips!


Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

We hear you, we can’t get enough of glamor of The Great Gatsby either! Whether you’re planning for an upcoming office party, a wedding reception or just itching a rockin’ good time, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

This whole week, we will be curating a three-part party guide to all things The Great Gatsby! We’ll give you the rundown on the decorations, the fashion, the games and of course, the delectable food and drinks you’ll be serving. Mark our words, you’re going to serve the Best Great Gatsby Theme Party Ever. Find out more, after the cut!

When you’re planning a Great Gatsby theme party, inject all the fun and frivolity of 1920s Art Deco! We’re big fans of Gatsby’s lavish parties, but we know his budget can cripple anyone’s bank account, so opt for DIY decorations instead!

Art Deco Tinsel Chandelier  

Photo: Sean

Photo: Sean Fennessy via The Design Files

Start at the top, literally. Hang up an Art Deco-inspired tinsel chandelier on the ceiling to wow your guests when they walk in! Throw all the rules out the window, and mix the metallics up. Get your glue gun ready and make your own gold fringe chandeliers, via the good folks at 100 Layer Cake!

Art Deco Table Setting

It’s impossible to escape Fitzgerald’s incredible detail of the Jazz Age, so it’s possible to re-imagine a gorgeous table setting for your Gatsby theme party! Look for Art Deco motifs such as fans and shells for your tablecloth. Want a budget-friendly option? Head to a fabric store and make your own. (Tablecloth hemming skills is preferred, but no pressure!)


Photo: HGTV

Can’t find the right Art Deco print? Go with opulent gold silk or stark white linen. It’s fresh, and affordable!

Table Setting Details 

The Gatsby wow factor lies in the impeccable details. Gatsby wouldn’t be caught dead with anything less than perfect for Daisy. Add sparkle to your dinner or buffet table with pearl wrapped wine bottles! We love the look of black bottles and white pearls, which you can purchase at a thrift store for less. Don’t forget the scattered gold confetti and lots of candles. It’s sparkly and sexy!

Don’t Forget About the Flowers

Don’t forget about the flowers! You don’t have spend a bomb, just keep the arrangements simple and chic. No need to go overboard like Gatsby did, remember to keep the flowers low or it’d be too distracting! Go with lilies, or white roses. Orchids are best, and are really lovely, like the amazing examples by flores del sol. If you’re not keen on fresh ones, go for artificial flowers!

Roaring 20’s-Inspired Posters

Bring a contemporary feel to your Roaring 20’s party with posters of classic films! We love these  Art Nouveau pieces by designer Dimitri Simakis, in conjunction with last year’s Cannes Film Festival. These pieces are stunning, and will look so decadently delicious on your walls. Conversation starters, for sure!

(Modern Day) Gramophone 

Gramophones provided the soundtrack for folks back then, so bring it back with the help of modern technology! The iconic speaker horn is reinvented with a solid wood dock for our smartphones, with the metal horn to boost the volume without the need for electricity. It’s perfect for your theme party, and is green friendly! Splurge and get yours here.

Stay tuned for our next installment on throwing a Great Gatsby theme party, with costume ideas!

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