Theme Party Food & Beverage Ideas: The Great Gatsby


Photo: BAFTA

Photo: BAFTA

So you’re about to host the raddest Roaring Twenties party that Gatsby himself would attend, with handy decoration ideas and smashing attire to wow ’em all. Now, the most important aspect of any party, what you’ll be serving!

The final installment of our three-part Great Gatsby theme party guide is finally here, with simple yet stunning food and beverages to serve at your fabulous shindig! Don’t be scared, everything is budget friendly, too. Mark our words, folks will be talking your Gatsby Theme Party for a long, long time! Find out more, after the cut:

Appetizer: Caesar Salad Crostini  

Ah, the Caesar Salad. A splendid 1920s creation the world is forever grateful for! We Are Not Martha understands the crouton is the best part of the salad, so they’ve come up with a fabulous party appetizer that will ensure crouton in every delightful bite. That’s right, it’s a salad on top of a giant crouton! Get the recipe here.

 Opulence Corner: Raw Oyster Dessert Bar 

What’s more decadently Gatsby, than a raw oyster bar? Our buds at Brooklyn Oyster Party sure know how to make every party a memorable one, from the raw bar setup to the fresh oysters of your choosing. No complications, no glass. Just luscious, bright oysters to enjoy! Selection will vary by season.

Main Course: For Meat Lovers and Vegetarians 

Photo: Vignette

Photo: Vignette

If we were invited to Gatsby’s party, we’re pretty sure we’ll be served anything we desire! Vignette has gorgeous recipes, for the meat lover and the vegetarian, respectively. For the meat lover, serve a hearty, bacon-wrapped filet mignon! Vegetarians can enjoy a healthy serving of balsamic Portobello mushrooms. Serve on a clean, white plate for your Gatsby-worthy intimate dinner and watch everyone swoon!

 Cool Down With: Mint Julep 

“I’ll make you a mint julep,” Daisy tells Tom, “Then you won’t seem so stupid to yourself.”

Who can forget the tense row between Daisy, Tom and Gatsby at the Plaza? The mint julep may have been mentioned in a strained situation, but it sure can present itself as refreshing treat! Just think of a refreshing mint and sugar combo, mixed with the full-bodied flavor of bourbon. Serve in pewter cups, like they used to do, and thank your lucky stars for this revitalizing recipe, courtesy of Eleven Madison Park!

Sweet Treats: Lemon Basil Cupcakes 

We all know that gorgeous scene where Nick Carraway serves 12 lemon cakes with tea to Daisy and Gatsby. Take it one step further, with lemon basil bite-sized cupcakes! We get it, it sounds like a strange combo, but the basil won’t overpower, we promise. It’s light, and utterly delicious! Best of all, there’s a lemon curd center that is out of this world. Get your recipe here. 

Party Favor: ‘End of Prohibition’ Labeled Mini Bottles! 

Photo: OurHobbyToYourHome via Etsy

Photo: OurHobbyToYourHome via Etsy

Okay, so maybe Prohibition didn’t end during the Gatsby saga. You can still send guests home with a ‘Prohibition is Over!’ label on mini bottles, as a party favor! Get your DIY, personalized printable PDF file via Etsy, and stick ’em on mini bottles which you can purchase for cheap on eBay. Careful crafting of the perfect party favor isn’t just about the big budget, it’s the thought that goes into it!

There you have it, folks. Have yourself a theme party Gatsby will be proud of!


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