Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!


Photo: Overtime Cook 

It’s October 18, which could be someone’s birthday so happy birthday to you! It’s also National Chocolate Cupcake Day, and this makes us very, very happy. Chocolate-y, gooey, moist, light, fluffy… we want ’em all!

While the world goes on debating on how cupcakes got its delightful name (Baked in cups, or a recipe? You take your pick!), we’re focusing our sights and tastebuds on some incredible chocolate cupcake recipes, and innovations. Check it out, after the cut!

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Cupcakes

No, really. There’s a secret ingredient to this amazing rack of chocolate cupcakes you see above. We’re talking mayonnaise! It sounds weird, but it will give the cupcakes a rich, gorgeous texture. Trust us. Full recipe here.

Filled With Sweets: Chocolate Five Spice Cupcake 


Our buds at Filled With Sweets amaze us every single time. Chocolate lovers, rejoice with their five spice cupcake! Subtle flavors like star anise, cloves paired with fig and cinnamon will bring an otherworldly taste to this delectable creation. Order some today!

Kumquat Cupcakery: Dark Chocolate Cupcakes 

The folks at Kumquat Cupcakery know how to make us salivate! Their bite sized cupcakes are beautiful, and the taste is even better. Their Dark Chocolate flavored cupcake is divine, with rich chocolate cake topped with decadent chocolate frosting. Order some for yourself this weekend (and for us!), will you?

It’s A Cuppie: Death By Cuppie 

We sure know how to pick vendors you’ll love! It’s A Cuppie is an impressive idea, it’s a cupcake with a cookie inside. That’s right. We’re so into their brownie cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie inside, topped with even more chocolate! This is the kind of death we welcome.

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes 

We’re not leaving our vegan friends behind! Trust Martha Stewart for a trusty, delicious vegan cupcake recipe that is easy to make. They smell amazing, taste amazing.. Make yours today! Full recipe here. 

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day, everyone. Make your weekend count!


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