All Things Apples: Celebrate National Apple Month!

It’s apple season! We’re celebrating this humble fruit with National Apple Month this October. Granted, we’re days away into a new month, but any day is a good day to celebrate our favorite crunchy fruit!

We’ve got a myriad of ways for you to enjoy the incredible fruit because seriously guys, one apple is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and best of all, it’s fat free! Find out the best way to enjoy awesome apples, below!

Cutie Pies NYC’s Designer Apple Pie 

It’s no secret we love our pies, and our buds at Cutie Pies NYC make the most scrumptious apple pie! Just imagine Grandma’s homemade apple pie, but completely elevated and a whole lot prettier. They’ve got pie making down to a science, with a gorgeously flaky butter crust topped with crunchy apples. Not forgetting, a dash of cinnamon and cloves for that extra kick! Seriously, get yours now and stay in. This pie isn’t for sharing!

 Beer Batter Apple Fritters 

Photo: Sobeys

Photo: Sobeys

Now do we have your attention? What better way to consume apples than with beer, and some deep-frying lovin’! This recipe is so easy, and will only take under 30 minutes to pull together, get the details here. Mama did say eat an apple to keep the doctor away, she didn’t exactly say how.. so this one totally counts!

Spiked Cider Tea

So you want to get creative, and drink your fresh apples? This is definitely the season for apple cider! Real Simple has a fantastic list of ways to enjoy this classic fall drink, with some help from simple ingredients to make the perfect apple cider cocktails! We have our top two picks:

We love the Spiked Cider Tea recipe above, for those cool nights that will require some hot tea… And some gin, and apple cider as additional company, of course!

Smoke & Spice Cider

Want to take it to a grown level with apple cider this weekend? We’re stoked about the cocktail recipe above! A dash of mescal will add a layer of smoky complexity, complementing the fresh lime juice and apple cider. Don’t forget the jalapeno slices, it’s a must for that extra zing!

Do You Really Know How to Eat An Apple?

We all think we know how to eat an apple, we’ve been doing it for years.. Right? It turns out, most of us aren’t aware we can eat the apple’s core! Don’t believe us? Watch the video below to know how to eat apples like a boss! Also, no wastage involved. You get good nutrients, good snack and you’re (kind of) saving the world. Boss, indeed!


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