Creepy Foods and Spooky Drinks To Serve This Halloween!


We’re literally hours away from Halloween! We’re so excited we can’t help but compile yet another list of ways to enjoy Halloween to the fullest this year.

Maybe you’ve been busy, or can’t be bothered to find ghoulish decorations for your Halloween gathering. We’re here to show you how to freak everyone out, by serving delicious food and drinks that look incredibly creepy (and potentially disgusting) which can also double as decorative pieces!

Jell-O Blood Worms 


Photo: Steve Chao

Jell-O worms on a bed of (chocolate) dirt? We were fooled for a minute! Gross, and intrigue your friends with this awesome recipe. You’ll need flavored gelatin, whipping cream and some food coloring. It might take a bit of work, but it will be worth it!

Frozen Banana Ghosts 

Want to serve creamy ice cream but all you have are bananas? Freeze ’em, and you’ll have an awesome substitute! Make this recipe for the younger guests (or for the adults, don’t be ashamed. These frozen bananas are so cute!) with four easy ingredients. You’ll need some white chocolate, bananas, a bit of desiccated coconut and a handful of chocolate drops chips. So easy!

Halloween Q-Tips 

Photo via: Pillow Thought

Photo via: Pillow Thought

Really pressed for time, but want the shock factor when you serve or bring over some Halloween treats? Make Halloween Q-Tips. They look disgusting at first glance, but what a treat to serve! You’ll only need white lollipop sticks, mini marshmallows to stick on both ends and dip in melted peanut butter chips. Place nonchalantly around the gathering area. Your guests will scream in horror at such a sight!

Bubbling and Bloody Witch’s Brew Cocktail 

Photo via: Minimalisti

Photo via: Minimalisti

What better way to spook your guests than with freaky liquids to knock back? Toast to Halloween with a Bubbling and Bloody Witch’s Brew cocktail, thanks to Betty Crocker! You’ll need club soda, rum and grenadine for the drink’s bloody hue. Add simple effects to mystify your guests with an ice cube chunk of dry ice!

Quick Tip: Dry ice can be dangerous to handle, so keep away from the younger trick-or-treaters! Handle the dry ice with tongs and safety glasses, especially when you’re chipping it apart. We want fun, not an actual trip to the hospital!

Creepy Potions for Your Friends (Or Victims!) 

If dry ice is a hassle, then surely free printables can sort things out!

Just remove original labes from bottled drinks you’re planning to serve, with witchy good ones such as Wart Elixirs and Toxic Bat Juice! The labels are eye-catching and will definitely spook your guests! Happy drinking..

Happy Halloween, everyone! Have lots of fun, and stay safe!



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