6 Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier!


Photo: cir.ca

Photo: Circa

It’s the start of the week, again. Before you groan in despair about the fresh week ahead of you, listen up! We’ve got a fresh list of mobile apps that will help you keep up, save your day, and make your life a whole lot easier to handle. There’s no shame in a little help!


This goes out to most of us who want to stay up to date with breaking news but have no time to go through everything, time to get on the Circa train! Circa sorts all the day’s news and sends concise coverage straight to you. There’s also the option of filtering the type of news you’re into, so you’re never out of the loop again! Circa is available on iPhone and Android.

Packing Pro 
“Packing for a trip is the best!” said Nobody Ever. Whether it’s a work trip or a much deserved vacation, packing can be such a pain and someone is bound to forget something crucial! Packing Pro will make sure you won’t forget anything to the next time you pack. $2.99 for reminders is a small price to pay!


Photo: TaskRabbit

Photo: TaskRabbit

Let’s face it, who really has ‘time’ anymore? If you’ve ever wondered if you could pay someone to fix your exhaustingly difficult IKEA furniture, the answer is yes! TaskRabbit is an awesome app to find reliable (and trustworthy) “taskrabbits” who can perform tedious task/errands for you. Wait in line? Pack stuff? TaskRabbit is that dream app for you!

 About. me 



We meet way too many people on daily basis, so we’re bound to forget who they are or how we met them! About.me functions as a digital business card, and even adds contextual information about how the introduction was made. Best of all, you can share your page with just about nobody! Peep an example here. 




We want to, believe us, but buying groceries can be such a drag when you’re always in a hurry. Instacart is your mobile app savior, as it can deliver whatever groceries you require within the hour and from stores you trust (hey, Whole Foods!) so you will never have to be stuck with expired food for dinner, or parties again. Your days of dragging heavy groceries in misery are also over! You’re welcome.

Sleep Cycle
At the end of your busy day, all you want is some rest to face tomorrow. Except the part where you wake and feel like someone punched you in the face. Sleep Cycle is awesome because it analyzes sleep patterns and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase so you wake up refreshed instead!


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