Effortless DIY Decorations For This Thanksgiving!


Photo: Ruffled

It felt like just yesterday, when we were drafting our Thanksgiving posts. The holiday season is back, and we are grateful!

We might be weeks away, but there’s still so much to do (and much to spend). This is why we’ve gathered a few awesome ways to decorate your home/event space/office this Thanksgiving season, without breaking the bank… And all best of all, it’s DIY!

 Woodsy Thanksgiving Table Decorations 


Photo: Ruffled

We love cornucopias, but it will be refreshing to take decorations down a notch for a touch of effortless, woodsy elegance. Ruffled has the lowdown on how to decorate your Thanksgiving table this year. You’ll only need the elements you see above, and let it all come together beautifully. Get help from family members and friends, that’s the real way to make this season special!

 DIY Thanksgiving Tree

Another way to bring family and friends together is to look back at everyone’s incredible lives, and specify what they are thankful for this year. The Budget Decorator has a great way to celebrate, with a DIY Thanksgiving Tree! You’ll need poster boards, construction paper and some tree branches (No payment needed, Mother Nature is very generous!). Cut out paper into shapes of leaves, provide some pens and let everyone participate! Fuzzy holiday feelings, check.

DIY Paper Lanterns 

We love DIY decorations, especially when they’re super easy to put together! Elise Blaha has a surefire way to add to the fall festivities with these paper lanterns. You’ll need cardstock in fall inspired colors, strings/ribbons, a hole puncher, scotch tape and pushpin to tack the lanterns on the ceiling. The best part about this DIY concept? Use green and red to decorate during Christmas time! Full instructions here. 

All You Really Need Is Your Backyard 

If you’re really not up to make or spend anything because you’re throwing all your energy into the food and drinks (say hi, Fiestah Vendors!), then look around your backyard/the park you pass on the way to work/your surroundings in order to get inspired and pick a few things as Thanksgiving decorations! We love acorns, twigs, dried leaves… All of these elements scattered around your Thanksgiving feast will be lovely.

We also recommend buying a small chalkboard, which can be used to put up your favorite holiday phrases, and versatile enough to fit in any holiday or special celebration!

What are some of your go-to DIY Thanksgiving decorations? Share with us, below!


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