World Diabetes Day: Get Your Health On and Go Vegan!


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Empire State will light up in blue, the official color of World Diabetes Day. [Photo: Getty Images]

Almost everyday we read about the alarming rise of diabetes in our country, and the rest of the world. In fact, it’s hard to find any family who aren’t affected by this disease so it’s time we all wake up and do something!

Every year on November 14, the International Diabetes Foundation and WHO celebrate World Diabetes Day as an effort to address issues revolving the diabetes community, as well as to spread much needed awareness. Fun fact: November 14 is also the birthday of Frederick Banting, who co-conceived the idea behind insulin in 1922!

Here at Fiestah, we’re all about keeping a balanced lifestyle and making our health a priority, even though we understand it might be difficult to do sometimes! This is why we’ve compiled a list of healthier options that cuts high amounts of fat, sodium and carbs. We’ve got four dishes by awesome vegan caterers you can depend on for flavor, and natural goodness to keep diabetes at bay, and under control. No better time to start than today!

Teany’s Edamame Hummus Sandwich

Take a break from all the naughty carbs, and go with Teany’s amazing sandwich! Just imagine wholemeal bread toped with a glorious edamame hummus, and generous portion of sprouts and cucumber for that added crunch. It’s pretty, it’s a light meal and most of all, you won’t ever have to skimp on taste.

Chickpea’s Jalapeño Hummus 

We put our trust in Chickpea, because we know they take pride in baking all of their signature dishes, which is a much healthier option than frying! Hummus is an excellent dish to enjoy, filling you up without the guilt. We love their jalapeño hummus, which comes in other delicious flavors such as roasted red peppers basil & toasted pine-nuts and chipotle hummus!

Young’s Radish Salad 

We love Young’s commitment to vegan, gluten-free and organic American fare! If you’re interested to take it up a notch (and didn’t have time to catch their pop up restaurant), call on Young’s to cater for your next event for a uniquely approachable meal that at least 50% raw, but 100% awesome. We love their gorgeous radish salad! Radishes are low in fat and cholesterol, with a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals. Pile ’em on!

Red Bamboo’s Creole Soul Chicken

Want to get healthier but can’t give up meat or anything fried? Take it one day at a time, and let Red Bamboo help you out! This family-owned business makes their own soy protein, impersonating meat and poultry. Before you dismiss this, we’re here to tell you Red Bamboo’s Creole Soul Chicken is absolutely divine. It’s all thanks to the tangy Vidalia dressing to dip with scrumptious piece of panko-breaded fried soy chicken. Trust us, you won’t even notice it’s not the real thing!

We hope you’re inspired by these yummy dishes, so get to calling our caterer buds! Remember, decreasing the risk of diabetes begins with an alternative, healthy change in your diet. We’re rooting for everyone to have a quality life!

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