Edible Gifts Ideas for This Christmas!



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Christmas celebrations are upon us, in less than two weeks! It’s time to think about the second round of holiday gatherings, and gifts to show we really care.

While we gather some of you might have braved Black Friday to stock up on gifts, we’ve got a simpler, less stressful (and less expensive!) ways to gift loved ones and colleagues this Christmas. Check out four awesomely unique edible gifts that will blow minds, and satisfy everyone’s tummies, below!

Homemade Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Mix

In case you didn’t notice, we’re big fans of hot chocolate! We love it so much we know it’s going to be such a lovely gift or care package to family and friends. It can also make for the perfect party favor for the office party! It’s really easy to put together too, with printable labels that you can customize. Full instructions here.

Alfajor Cookies from Jessy’s Pastries

Our bud Jessy, from Jessy’s Pastries has introduced us to the wonders of the traditional confection from her native Peru, the Alfajor cookies! Each Alfajor starts with two gorgeously heaven buttery cookies that melts in your mouth, with yummy flavors such as the Classic, a decadent Dulce De Leche filling with a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top. We’re obsessed with the Rum flavor, with a rum-infused filling for that kick!

Trust in Jessy’s Pastries, and let her pack these goodies into lovely gift boxes for you to indulge your loved ones this Christmas season. They’ll be begging for more!

Flavored Salt


Photo: Jose Picayo via Country Living

We’re all about flavored salts, and they’re really easy (and inexpensive) to assemble! Make little jars of salt, with flavors such as porcini mushrooms, smoked paprika and ancho chiles, celery, lime and ginger, as well as curry. You’ll only have to get the ingredients and grind it all together, per recipe! Your foodie friends will definitely appreciate the depth of the flavored salts. Full instructions here.

Cake-cup from Bees Knees Baking Co.  

We would send a thank you hug to the Bees Knees Baking Co. for every time we think of their amazing flagship dessert, the Cake-cup. It’s more than just any cupcake, it’s the freshest, most delicious treat in a portable cup! Don’t lock yourself up in the kitchen to make batches of cupcakes, give Bees Knees Baking Co. a call instead.

Gift your loved ones with their highlights such as Lemon Raspberry, PB & J, Red Velvet and our personal favorite, the Honey Bourbon (we’re talking bourbon cake with burnt honey crown and candied ginger!). This cake-cups will be the talk ’round the Christmas tree, we promise!

So don’t stress out, get to crackin’ on these edible gifts. Don’t forget to save some for yourself, you deserve all of it!


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  1. Hannah S says:

    These are some great ideas for diy gifts. I wish I had more of an eye for these kind of things but still find it easier to buy a gift for most freind and relatives. However whenever I get a gift that is made by hand by the gift giver I feel a lot more love from that gift compared to one that was bought at the store. Maybe at some point I will develop more artsy abilities and more time to work on cute projects like these.
    This is my first year doing a gift guide, if you have a chance I would love for you to take a look and let me know what you think.
    Thanks and happy holidays!

    • sawwaa! says:

      Hi Hannah, thanks for stopping by!
      Yes, DIY and edible gifts are awesome! Don’t worry about artsy abilities, it’s all about the effort we put in that will mean so much more. If you’re not up for making your own edible gifts yet, check out some of our vendors! They’ll make your holiday shopping a breeze with their gorgeous dishes and desserts.

      P.S. The gift guides are on point! We love Sriracha2Go too 🙂

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