Made Out of Food: 5 Awesome DIY Christmas Wreaths To Make!

What’s a holiday season without some pretty wreaths at the door to rev up the Christmas festivities? Before you moan and tell us it’s an archaic decorative piece, we’re here to assure you, there are ways to make these wreaths come alive without all the ‘typical’ stuff you’re used to.

We’ve got five ways to assemble food-inspired wreaths that are both easy to put together, and inexpensive! Yes, we’re telling you to get your craft on! Find out more, after the cut:

Marshmallow Wreath 

Let’s face it, you’re about to stock up on marshmallows of different shapes and sizes to accommodate your hot cocoa cravings, so this wreath will be so easy to assemble!  You’ll need 3 large bags of big marshmallows, lots of toothpicks, foam wreath base and a Christmas inspired ribbon to make this wreath. Full instructions here!

Popcorn Wreath 

We love popcorn! We love to eat ’em, we love ’em as strands for Christmas tree decorations, but we especially love when popcorn is used to make wreaths. This DIY wreath will only need a paper plate, some dental floss and popcorn, of course! Full instructions here.

Homemade Christmas Mini Wreath with Cinnamon Sticks 

Photo: Kirsten Hudson via Organic Authority

Photo: Kirsten Hudson via Organic Authority

We love the smell of cinnamon sticks, it’s such a lovely reminder of the holiday season! This is a simple DIY Christmas mini wreath, which can be used as a Christmas ornament on the tree as well. You’ll need around 25 cinnamon sticks, any circular item to trace (we suggest a jar lid), cardboard, scissors and arm yourself with a hot glue gun! Full instructions here. 

Good Goody Gumdrops Wreath

Want something bright and fun, and totally reminiscent of your childhood? We love this gumdrops wreath! Get a foam wreath form (available on eBay), and glue on all the gumdrops you have! We suggest using a matte sealer to finish the wreath, and some glitter to add to the scrumptiousness of the gumdrops. Don’t forget to keep this away for those with sweet tooth, this isn’t an edible wreath! More instructions here.

Chocolate Mint Wreath

This wreath is so easy, we’re tempted to make one just to eat all the chocolate mint! Unwrap about six dozen chocolate mint candies, you’ll only need the wrappers. Glue the wrappers all over the foam wreath, tie a ribbon and prepare to hang wherever it will attract attention. Then, sit back and watch your friends and family attempt to sneak one off the wreath!

DIY wreaths are so fun to put together, and makes for proper bonding time when you make these gorgeous wreaths with your loved ones. Happy crafting!

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