Awesome Fried Foods To Make This Hanukkah

It’s that time of the year again, where it’s perfectly okay to eat all the yummy fried foods that Hanukkah has to offer! Whether you’re celebrating, or enjoying this festive time, latkes are the ultimate treats. Our mouths are watering at the thought of crisp, fried potato pancakes topped with applesauce or sour cream!

While latkes are typically made with potatoes, you take it up a notch with additional ingredients to spice things up, and watch everyone beg for more!

 Beet and Potato Latkes with Thyme 


Photo: Fredrika Stjärne via Food & Wine

What takes less than an hour to make, and serves six (or maybe four, because it’s so good)? These beet and potato latkes! The sweet beets and fresh thyme add another dimension to these potato pancakes. Add a dollop of sour cream, and you’re ready to go. Full recipe here. 

Carrot Scallion Latkes


Photo: Elanaspastry via Food52

Love latkes, but you’re thinking about switching it up a little? We love this carrot scallion latke recipe. It’s gluten-free, and really tasty so you’re doing your health a favor by eating a little more! Full recipe here. 

Quick Tip: How to make amazing latkes? Go with the starchiest potatoes you can find, like baking potatoes and Yukon Gold.

Fried Parsnip Ribbons 


Photo: Tina Rupp via Food & Wine

Fried foods are a must for Hanukkah, everyone knows that! If you want a fresh recipe that will satisfy everyone, go with fried parsnip ribbons! Top off a delicious stew with these ribbons for a golden crunch, or serve as a salty snack. Either way, it’s a hit! Full recipe here. 

Simply Divine Kosher Catering

Inviting friends and family over this Hanukkah, but not sure if you’re able to pull a gorgeous meal together without tearing your hair out? Simply Divine is the best kosher catering in town, and you can bet they can prepare an awesome feast for you!

We love vegetable samosas, and Simply Divine‘s curried vegetable samosas with the spicy sauce, churmoula, will be the perfect addition to the array of fried goodies you’ll be serving this Hanukkah!

Here’s wishing a safe and happy Hanukkah!


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