Quick and Easy Tricks For The Perfect Party, Every Single Time!

Photo: Andrew Arthur via Domaine

Photo: Andrew Arthur via Domaine

Throwing parties, and hosting events are so much fun, especially when we get to see everyone having a good time! A great party (of any kind) isn’t about perfection, but involves many different elements that come together to make a ball!

We’ve got a few foolproof tricks up our sleeves (the good kind!) that will ensure an awesome party every single time, no matter the theme, budget or amount of guests!

Clean Up Your Event Space! 

Not all our gatherings or parties will see a fancy event space, or a big budget to play with! What really matters is creating the perfect ambience, which is possible by keeping your party spaces clean and clutter-free. If you’re pressed for time, keep one room locked so you can put away things you don’t need your guests to see. Not everyone’s going to remember the pretty lights you hung up, but most will remember if your table is dusty!

Make The Space Cozy and Intimate

What makes a great party isn’t just the decor, but how you make the guests feel. If the lights are too harsh, or too bright, some might feel uncomfortable. You’ll also be highlighting awkward spaces if there aren’t many attendees. Warm it up with candles around the party space, and dim the lights!

What’s That Smell?

Trust us, that is not what you want to hear your guests say! Besides keeping your party space clean, you’ll need it to be pleasant smelling. We love scented candles that are available everywhere, but if you’re pressed for time, a quick spritz of perfume in the air will fix it up! Remember, nothing too strong or you’ll give guests a headache.

Fresh is Best 

We’re all for decorations, and we’re mad for DIY goodies! If it’s not for you, save your party space with fresh flowers. It doesn’t have to elusive, expensive flowers. You’ll only need one type to brighten up the space, and place strategically around your party area. It will change the energy of the room, we promise!

Get The Music Right 

We love Nicki Minaj as much as anybody, but unless you’re throwing a frat party, you’d want music that should be played low but will still play a part in creating a cozy ambience. Nix the noisy party space where guests can’t have even have conversations. You won’t go wrong with anything jazz, or if you’re feeling really fancy, classical music!

What are some of your quick tips for the perfect party vibe?

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