3 Last Minute Treats For Your New Year’s Eve Party!


Photo: Food52

Photo: Food52

We congratulate those who have the willpower to plan an elaborate New Year’s Eve party, but we’re here to reach out to those of you who don’t have the time (or ran out of ideas) to put a party together!

Yes, you’ll need bubblies. Yes, you’ll need an awesome view for the fireworks. Yes, you’ll need that good music! If you still haven’t figured out what to serve though, click after the cut for last minute treats you can whip up in no time:

Champagne Rhubarb Jello Shots 


Photo via: Food52

Jello shots may be a thing during college days, but we promise this updated recipe will be a lovely treat to celebrate the coming new year. The recipe makes about 30 squares, but definitely consider making more! It’s got a touch of alcohol, and a really bright flavor, your guests will be so pleased. Full recipe here.


What better way to spend New Year’s Eve than with delicious rum balls? Gluten free rum balls, so that everyone can enjoy these babies! Just think of a moist brownie baked to be crumbled, yum. Best part of all? It’s super easy to make! Full recipe here.

Crisp Baked Tofu 

We love the versatile tofu, and it’s perfect for a New Year gathering! It’s hearty, and light at the same time.This crisp baked tofu isn’t exactly crispy, but add a marinade of Asian flavors such as Sriracha for that maximum burst of flavor. Your guests will want more! Full recipe here.

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