Lucky New Year Foods To Serve, And Enjoy!

It’s New Year’s Eve! Before we say goodbye to this crazy year that is 2014, we’ve got a few foods and traditions you might want to incorporate during your New Year’s Eve celebration tonight! Check ’em out, after the cut!

Circular Foods  

The idea behind serving foods that are in the shape of a ring is to bring good luck, and to bring everything in full circle. What better way to enjoy good luck than with one of the best doughnuts in New York City? We’re so stoked about our vendor, Dough‘s seriously amazing hibiscus doughnut (And our absolute favorite, Tasting Table, agrees with us!). Just think of a gorgeously tart hibiscus glaze, topped with edible flowers. This is the best way to ring in the New Year’s!


We have to hand it to the folks in Netherlands. They celebrate the New Year with ‘oliebollen’ (oil balls), which is considered as the traditional precursor of the doughnut! It’s a seasonal treat, so make some for guests to enjoy, and serve alongside Dough’s lekker (read: yummy) doughnuts! Full recipe here. 

Mushroom Bean Salad

Serve greens during New Year’s Eve, as it symbolizes money (obviously!). What better way to encourage lots of that green in our bank accounts than with a lovely mushroom bean salad? Beans also symbolize abundance and wealth, so we’re all for the good vibrations. Full recipe here. 


Asians love their noodles, and with good reason! Noodles symbolize longevity, so don’t break ’em! Slurp the noodles to ensure a long, prosperous life! This yakiudon is the perfect comfort food if you’re staying in tonight, and it doesn’t even need protein. If you’re up for a bigger plate, pork is the way to go this New Year’s Eve as it represents happiness, thanks to all that fat! Full recipe here.

Twelve Grapes 


Photo: Tablespoon


In Spain, folk quickly toss back a dozen grapes at midnight to ring in the New Year! The consumed grapes are supposed to be a predictor of the year ahead of us. A sweet grape means it’s going to be a rad month, and a sour one? Well, you get the picture. Drop 12 grapes in a champagne flute, and serve individually for all your guests. It’s the perfect New Year’s Eve tradition!

Happy New Year, folks! Here’s to a great celebration, and year ahead of all of us!


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