The Biggest Food Trends of 2015 We Love!


Photo: Forkful

Photo: Forkful

We can’t believe it, but 2015 is here. We’re just about halfway through the first full week of January, so it’s time to take a look at some of the hottest food trends for the coming year!

It’s hard to keep track of all the food trends of the year, but thanks to Baum+Whiteman’s 2015 Food & Beverage Forecast and other awesome we’re in the loop! We pick our favorite trends, after the cut:

Ramen Is Here to Stay 

Trendy or not, ramen will always be that comfort food for us! Good ramen is all about the consistency of the broth, and the way the noodles marry perfectly with the broth. It’s an art form that we hope will never die! We’re thrilled ramen is back in the game (though it never left, for us!), and we know our buds at KuKu Canteen has the ultimate ramen that will blow your socks off. They’ve got everything from pork to mushroom ramen, so no one is left behind!

Oysters, Oysters, Oysters!

This year sees the rediscovery of oysters, and we love it! The trend sees oysters taking over the usual bar bites, and with gusto. We’ve known all along about the awesomeness of oysters, thanks to Brooklyn Oyster Party! They believe there’s nothing like the immediate connection to the sea and the salt, as the experience transcends any and every explanation. Get down with oysters, and host your own oyster bash with Brooklyn Oyster Party!

Pickled Vegetables, Anyone?

This year’s trends see the shift back into emphasis on real foods, cutting out all the unnecessary elements like excess sugar and artificial taste. Our restless palate takes an awesome turn with sour being the predominant taste of the year. Say hello to pickled vegetables! Not only do they taste out of this world, it’s easy to pickle at home. It’s also good for your body, thanks to healthy bacteria and higher vitamin levels! Make your own pickles vegetables, via Fisher&Paykel’s Our Kitchen.

Check back with us as we list our favorite drink trends of 2015, next!

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