Brave The Cold: Sunday Events Worth Checking Out

Monday blues are upon us, but don’t fear! Sunday is alive and kicking, and we’re about ready to seize the day and claim all the fun we can before a fresh new week. It might be too cold, but we’re taking our chances anyway!

Check out our top three events to enjoy, after the cut:

Participate: No Pants Subway Ride

It’s January 11, so you know it’s that time to take your pants off again! The folks at Improv Everywhere are back with this awesome prank, with seven meeting points this year at 3pm. Don’t forget, nothing too offensive! The point is to have a laugh, not to get arrested for lewd acts. Get more information here. See you on the train!

Watch: Grimly Handsome 

Head down to the Incubator Art Project at St. Mark’s Church to catch playwright-director Julia Jarcho’s production of this superbly fun and wicked ‘Grimly Handsome’! Just think of a play split into three sections, in a bid to show us how little we really know about the people we encounter in town, and just how everybody deals with secret inner urges! It’s a fantastic ride, and worth your $18 this evening. Full details here.

Experience: Barbara Nessim’s ‘An Artful Life’ 

Head on down to the Bard Graduate Center Gallery today, and get your art on! Barbara Nessim is no doubt one of the pioneers in graphic design, with complex designs that shook the creative industry. This exhibition features 150 of her best works, from illustrations to fashion and textiles. It’s the last weekend to catch this! Full details here. 

Here’s to a fruitful Sunday!


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