Drink Trends To Enjoy This 2015


We covered the biggest food trends of 2015 that we love, so it’s time to indulge in the drink trends that will shake up this year!

Check out our top picks of 2015 drink trends, after the cut:

Take the Punchbowl Out, Folks 

We know, it’s so sixties! Time to call your parents up, if you don’t have your very own punchbowl! Communal boozing is back in style this 2015. Just think of how smart that will be, when you’re hosting an office party, or a birthday bash. Large format punches, with no limits on ingredients or the pricing! Just remember, punches aren’t meant to be boring or too complex. It’s all in good fun, after all! Get your punch recipe via Tasting Table.

Anything But Cola

It’s 2015, and it’s about time we move away from carbonated drinks that only makes us bloat. This year, one of the drink trends is going back to the basics, to ingredients we can actually identify! Juicing will be even bigger this year, and why not? It’s healthy, wholesome and really fills you up. This is why we love green smoothies, with ingredients such as spinach, pear, kiwi and mango, among others. Get the recipe here, and make one before work!

Adult Milkshakes 

While we love that food + drink trends are veering towards the healthy, we can’t help but add one awesome drink trend that is so indulgent you might need three gym sessions after! Splash booze into ice cream favorites, because why not? Adult milkshakes is one of the ways we’re glad we’re not kids anymore. Find out how to make some of the sinful concoctions here!

Stay tuned, as we reveal our favorite event trends of 2015!


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