Fiestah Picks: Top Event Trends of 2015


We’ve picked our favorite food trends and drink trends for 2015, and now it’s time to pick a few favorite event trends! We look to Eventbrite and BizBash for some of the freshest ideas to look out for, that will definitely shake things up this year!

Check out our picks, after the cut:

Pop-Up Spaces 

Events do not need to be held at a typical hall space, or run on a tired format. Pop-up spaces will be the way to go this year! We’re talking restaurants, stores and event spaces as a fresh way to showcase brands and get immediate feedback. They key here is to engage!

Engage & Experience

It’s 2015, and it’s time to put away the idea of passive reception. Event participants or guests deserve a unique experience, so do away with all the material ways to attract and hold attention! We love branding as much as the next person, but it should be getting the most out of the event you’ve worked so hard to plan for. Participants want something unforgettable, so allow them to co-create their own event experience!

Photo booths Are Still Hot As Ever 

Photo: Flashtag

Photo: Flashtag

It’s no secret, we really love photo booths! What’s not to love? It’s a fun time, it brings people together and it definitely works as an awesome reminder of a great event. We love photo booths so much, we’ve got a list of awesome folks who can make your event a special one. We love Flashtag, an interactive photo booth that automatically prints the photos at your event when it’s tagged on Instagram, so don’t forget your custom hashtag!

While hashtags are brilliant at increasing social media activity, the hope this year is to go beyond the goal of a great party picture. 2015 may be the year we figure out how to leverage favorable ROI out of these platforms, crossing fingers!

Dessert Bars Will Always Win

Who will really have a problem with a dessert bar at an event? You’re free to pick and choose your favorite sweet treats, and you’re not obliged to take any if you’re on a health kick! A dessert bar is the perfect communal activity, as there’s nothing like a crowd around a table to create the hype you want. Crowds are infectious! You can plan an entire dessert menu around your bar event area, and we’ve got just the people who can help you out. Check out our dessert vendors here!

What are some of the event trends that you’re excited about this year? Share with us, below!


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