Top Tips For An Awesome Photo Booth Experience!


Awards season is back on! The season started with the Golden Globes, and saw gorgeous dresses and deserving winners, but we also noticed something really cool. Fashion photog Ellen von Unwerth captured the backstage portraits immediately after the winners left the stage, exclusively on Instagram. The results? A refreshing change from stuffy press room images!

The Golden Globes Instagram booth is further proof that photo booths are awesome, and are here to stay (Peep our 2015 Pick of Event Trends!). We’ve got top tips on ensuring the best photo booth experience, for any sort of event you may be planning, after the cut:

Research, Research, Research
We can’t stress this enough! Don’t just go with the first rental company you find, make sure you make a quick check of their profile, their Unique Selling Point and type of photo booths for rent. Quick Tip: Look out for their social media pages, and see if the general feedback before making a decision. The hardest part of looking for the right photo booth companies is done for you, check out our list of awesome vendors and take your pick!

The Right Quotation, Please
It’s true, you get what you pay for. There are many photo booth companies that will offer really cheap fees and quotation to entice you, but be sure you check about what you’re really investing in! Check on the camera type, the photo booth set up and the printing quality. Don’t leave anything out! Most events are between 3 to 5 hours, so double check if your event might run a little longer, and what the additional charges are like.

Book Early

It can get really busy during peak event season (April onwards), so make sure you get to work immediately after locking down the event dates!A lead time between 3 to 6 months is comfortable enough so you’ll be put in the schedule. We also encourage you to double confirm if you’re going to need for the photo booth to run longer than the average time, so your photo booth company has lead time to lock the hours for you!

Don’t Skimp On Quality!
Photo printouts will never get old, and is such an immediate reminder of a great event! However, the wrong type of lighting and paper quality (or even the print speed!) can hinder the success of your event. When meeting with the photo booth companies, ask to see samples of their printouts to make sure it isn’t grainy or pixelated. Check about their cameras, and their custom software so that you get the very best!

Don’t forget about attendants helping out at the photo booth! Ensure your appointed company has attendants that are also able on-site technicians just in case there’s a hiccup. You want a photo booth company that will foresee all the potential complications, so that you’ll have a smooth event!

Believe us, once you find the right photo booth company, you’re definitely going to give event-goers a unique experience that they can take home!

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