#TGIT: Host The Best “Scandal” Viewing Party Ever

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Photo via: Scandal

Thank God It’s Thursday, and for Shonda Rhimes! After almost two months hiatus, we’re welcoming three hours of Shonda goodness tonight, from “Grey’s Anatomy”, “How to Get Away with Murder” and of course, “Scandal”.

We bet it’s going to be an intense hour, so we understand you’re going to need to host your very own “Scandal” viewing party! Whether hosting for a group or party of one, all you need are a few elements for your space to be Olivia Pope approved.

Here’s what you need:

Rib Sandwich 

Gettysburger may not exist, but when “Scandal” mentioned rib sandwich with pickles on the side, believe we’ll be craving for it! Just think of juicy braised beef short rib, melted heavenly milk cheddar in between two slices of your favourite bread, and pickles of course. Get this yummy recipe here.
If braising is too time consuming, go to the experts! Our buds at Cheeky Sandwiches make awesome New Orleans style sandwiches, so you won’t go wrong with their beef sandwich! Just think of that braised short rib, topped with horseradish sauce, arugula, cherry tomatoes sandwiched in between the richness of challah bread. What goes best with rib sandwich? Red wine, of course!
Red, Red Wine
(ABC / Via Emily Orley / BuzzFeed)
You cannot be a “Scandal” fan if you don’t comprehend the importance of red wine in Olivia Pope’s life. You’re going to have re-watch all the seasons! To indulge in #TGIT, prepare a solid bottle(s) of full bodied red wine. Not sure what to consume? Bon Apétit has the “Scandal” wine breakdown for you, here!
Don’t forget about the fishbowl-sized wineglass Olivia Pope drinks from! Get yours from Crate and Barrel here. (Good luck ordering ’em!)
DIY Flavored Popcorn Salts 
All we really see Olivia Pope consume besides red wine is a big bowl of popcorn. This is perfect for any viewing party, but take it up a notch with DIY flavored popcorn salts. The Cookie Rookie has three amazing salts to choose from, such as Bacon Parmesan Salt (cooked bacon bits, anyone?), Buffalo Ranch Salt and our favorite, Chocolate Wine Salt. Olivia Pope and gang will definitely approve.

Happy viewing and don’t forget to get your game face on for How to Get Away with Murder as well!

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