Celebrate World Nutella Day!

It’s February 5, and this means it’s World Nutella Day!

Yes, it’s totally a thing and why not? This hazelnut spread has brought more joy and happiness since.. chocolate. Who doesn’t remember smearing this hazelnut goodness on a piece of bread for school? It’s only apt we take it up a notch, and really celebrate this amazing life creation!

We have a few awesome ways to celebrate World Nutella Day, after the cut:

Sweet Spicy Bacon Coated with Nutella 

Now, we hear you. Bacon + hazelnut spread can sound a tad bit desperate. But if you combine a killer spice mix with bacon and top with Nutella, the results are stunning! Trust in this recipe, and be ready for your life to be properly made. Don’t forget to sprinkle a touch of fleur de sel (Those Who Aren’t In The Know: It’s French sea salt) for that deliciously salty kick to this amazing snack idea.

Pont St. Nutella Stuffed French Toast


Photo: Pont St. 

According to Nutella, we can circle the world 1.4 times with the amount of Nutella produced in one year. It’s fitting that we had to travel to London for this one! We’re indebted to this amazing neighbourhood restaurant, Pont St. for this incredibly quick and easy recipe. This delicious creation only needs a few slices of brioche, banana, caramel and of course, Nutella. Put your trust in chef Sophie Michell, for the ultimate breakfast treat!

Nutella Hot Chocolate 

Nutella is always a good idea. Combine with milk and some vanilla? You’ve got the ultimate, classic wintry beverage! This hot chocolate is so dangerously easy to make, you’ll be celebrating World Nutella Day everyday. Don’t forget your marshmallows! Full instructions here.

When all else fails, just remember to pick up a spoon and open that jar of Nutella, and let all that goodness feed your soul! Go ahead, we won’t tell. (But we propose you should, because who doesn’t love Nutella? Get full information on hashtags and celebrations, here.)


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