How to Plan: The Ultimate No-Plan Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re anti Valentine’s Day, single or just content to hang out with a bunch of close friends, we’ve got the ultimate no-plans-needed Valentine’s Day for you to enjoy!

We promise you, it’s too easy. You might even enjoy this loved up weekend! Check it out, after the cut:

Sugar Cubes for Champagne Cocktails 

This is so perfect, it almost hurts to share this! It’s the most perfect last-minute 2 ingredient party trick, it will definitely make for an awesome night in. Use any type of sugar you want and stir in with the Angostura bitters until the liquid is evenly distributed. Before you know it, you’ll be popping these babies in a champagne flute (or cup of tea). Get the full instructions here.

Clams (or Mussels) With Lime Butter Sauce

Photo: Food52

Photo: James Ransom and Mark Weinberg via Food52

Grab a friend/date/sister and make this scrumptious meal. Lime butter, everyone. It’s really easy to make, and can be prepared by two people, or a team! All you need to do is chop all the ingredients, and pop everything into the pan. Let the clams open up, taste and adjust seasonings with lime juice or fish sauce and voila! You’re done. Full recipe here.

Jam Jar Bakery’s Pie In a Jar 


Photo: David Graver via Cool Hunting

Pies are the ultimate comfort food, and sometimes we just don’t want to share or be content with only one slice. This is why we’re so grateful for Jam Jar Bakery, because these folks understand the important existence of homemade pies in single-serving jars. No sharing please, which is why this is the perfect dessert to serve this weekend! It’s all types of delicious and delightful. Get yours now, we’re so serious!

Get Your Valentine’s Day Music On! 

Lover’s day or not, we all can take the time to appreciate some of that good music mixes! We’re down with Jazzy Day’s soul edition of his ‘Rockin’ Valentine’s Dae’ mix he’s released for Valentine’s Day. It’s 39-minutes of some amazing tunes, like The Electrifying Cashmeres and The Mad Lads, for starters! Turn this up, and enjoy your evening in!


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