Lunar New Year Celebration: Auspicious Noodles To Enjoy!


Photo: Steven Mark Needham for The New York Times

Photo: Steven Mark Needham for The New York Times

Lunar New Year 2015 is approaching! It’s time to whip up goodies that will not only tantalize our tastebuds, but to invite good luck into the Chinese New Year. One of the traditions in China is to eat long noodles, also known as longevity noodles, which are also served during birthday celebrations. These noodles aren’t broken or cut, so it’s best to eat without biting the strands so ensure a long, auspicious life!

Take this golden opportunity to slurp your noodles, because it’s the only time you’ll be able to play with your food!

Noodle Lane’s Dan Dan Noodles 

In need of a slippery treat this Lunar New Year? Look for our friends at Noodle Lane, with their Dan Dan noodles! This is one of Sichuan’s signature dishes, with noodles bathed in chili oil and savory sauce, topped with minced pork and peppercorns. Noodle Lane garnishes the dish with scallions and bean sprouts to provide a lovely contrast to the spices. What a way to usher in the Chinese New Year!

Shrimp Lo Mein

Longevity noodles are consumed to invite a long, prosperous life. We’re not taking any chances, though, so add shrimps into the mix too! Shrimps are also consumed on the first day of Lunar New Year to invite good fortune and happiness. What’s the perfect way to combine the two magic ingredients? With a yummy shrimp lo mein recipe, of course! (For the uninitiated, lo mein are wheat flour noodles.)

If you’re unsure about making your own, check out the awesome folks at Hunan Manor! Our vendor not only makes amazing Hunan cuisine, but shrimp lo mein that will knock your socks off. If you’re not into seafood, they’ve got chicken, pork and a vegetable option too!

Here’s to a great year of good fortune!

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